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Always & Forever: A Valentines Playlist by 116 Clique

Most of my friends and family know that my family and I our Christian Hip Hop heads. We go hard, for real. So imagine how excited I was to see that 116 Clique dropped a playlist of all their songs about love.

Image credit Reach Records

Just in time for Valentine's Day, the dope folks over at Reach Records put together a love playlist just for you and Bae. And the best thing about it? It's all about true love, with tracks that will speak to heart.

1. Always & Forever - KB

2. Love - Andy Mineo

3. Desire - GAWVI

4. 808 - Tedashi

5. All I Need Is You - Lecrae

6. Love Never Leaves - Tedashi

7. Forever - Lecrae

8. All My Love - Trip Lee

9. Special - Lecrae

10. Curious - Andy Mineo

11. Buttons - Lecrae

12. Good Thing - Trip Lee 

"Good Thing" is my personal jam with "Forever" by Lecrae, a close second. So go ahead and take a listen and let it bless you this Valentine's Day!

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