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Tried It: OGX Shea Soft & Smooth Shampoo, Conditioner + Orchid Oil

Hey beautiful! Hope you're doing well. Today, I'm sharing the latest beauty product I'm trying and it's all about the hair.

a picture of OGX shampoo and conditioner

Can you believe this is my first time trying OGX  products? I know girl, I'm late. In my coupon days, folks were always getting free bottles of OGX but I was never really interested because I hadn't tried it out.

As I was perusing the aisles looking for the latest brown girl beauty products at Tarjay, I came across a buy 3 OGX hair care products, get $5 back sale. Okay, now I can finally see what everyone is raving about.

OGX shea shampoo and conditioner

I decided to go with OGX Shea Soft & Smooth shampoo and conditioner which is supposed to moisturize, defrizz hair and make it smooth and shiny. Made with hair loving ingredients like Shea butter, agave nectar, and coconut oil.

When I washed my hair, I noticed the rich, coconutty aroma right away. Mmmm! The shampoo left my hair feeling clean and moisturized. Not hard nor dry.

Now, I wasn't really sure how to use the OGX hair butter. At first, I thought it was a daily moisturizer and I used it as such. The shine was on ten! But then I read the directions and it said to use it as a leave-in or rinse out conditioner. Ohhh. I kinda liked it as a hair grease better because it made my hair so shiny, but I'll use it as a leave-in conditioner.

a picture of OGX Orchid hair oil

My third OGX hair product choice was the new OGX Fade Defiying Color Orchid Oil. It's a color protect oil that has UV/UBV sun filters in it. Since I just colored my hair, this fade defying hair oil will come in handy when I spend time outside. Orchid Oil is made with grape seed oil and orchid extract.

It's pretty light and sprays on for easy application. I just hate when my hands get all greasy from some hair oils. It smells good too. Like a bouquet of flowers.

Looks like I found a new hair care brand y'all. I'll use all of these products and will be sure to try others products in the OGX hair care line.

Have you ever tried any of these OGX hair products? What OGX product do you use?


  1. Bet these smelled amazing! I've been looking at these as well, this time of year my Polynesian hair needs some extra moisture! #ProductReviewParty

  2. I haven't heard of this brad looks great! Hope you'll do a follow up. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I can just imagine how wonderful they smell and even if it lingers just a little bit, it must be really nice. I would totally try these products :-). Thanks for the review.

  4. Does the line come with a rinse out condish to go with the shampoo? My hair loves anything with shea. But OGX products & I have never quite gotten along.

  5. I never heard of this brand. The bottle alone makes me feel like it smells amazing!

  6. I've tried it a few times but I wasn't all that impressed. It smelled good but I didn't feel like it made a big difference to my hair

  7. I love the packaging on these. I think I've seen them in store, but now that you mention them I'm going to make sure I stop to smell them. I love smell goods for the hair.

  8. I will have to give this line a try because I love a good coconut hair product. The orchid oil sounds like it would smell divine.

  9. I have tried some of the other OGX products but not this one...I may have to try this one. Sounds great...please do a follow up!!

  10. I like the way these products sound. I've never tried OGX products, but my sister has and she loves them.

  11. You know how I feel about OGX! Their products are great. I haven't tried this one yet, I need to go pick me up some.


  12. I've never tried this brand. However, the way you describe it makes it seem like I have been missing out. Plus, you have to love that it's priced affordably.

  13. I love the way you set up these pictures! The packaging is pretty too!


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