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Intelligent Nutrients Certified Organic Skin Care

Living in Minnesota has its perks. So many great businesses have been birthed right here including many in the beauty and skincare industry.

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Most people are familiar with Aveda and that it was the brainchild of Horst Rechelbacher. But some may not know that before he passed away, he poured his heart and soul into building another organic skincare line called Intelligent Nutrients.

You know, the store that smells wonderful and has the bomb sanitizer outside its doors for shoppers to try as they walk by? Yeah, that's the one. It's a lovely store that provides all of your organic skin care needs.

Recently, I attended the Beauty Summit and it was located inside the Intelligent Nutrients Event Center. While I was there, I connected with the brand and was given a few products to try out.

About Intelligent Nutrients

Intelligent Nutrients is certified organic health and beauty. What's different about intelligent nutrients?
No synthetics. No petroleum. Intelligent nutrients certifies that is USDA organic 65 to 95% organic, non-toxic, cool T3 and made with sustainable practices.

Intelligent Nutrients believes that "Everything we put in and on our bodies must be nutritious and safe."

a picture of a tube of hand balm and skin serum

Intelligent Nutrients Says No to:

Synthetically-based products 
GMO's toxic pesticides, herbicides fungicides 
Animal testing 
Hidden agenda, hidden ingredients
Artificial fragrance 
Cheap marketing ingredients 
Heavy metals 
Phlathates, parabens, silicone, plasticizers

Intelligent Nutrients Says Yes to:

Nutritional body compatible ingredients 
Certified organic wild or better 
Cruelty-free tested on humans
Full transparency all ingredients listed on the package 
Active essential oil's 
Advanced plant science
Intentional materials 
Non-toxic plant ingredients that work

a picture of hand balm and skin serum on a marble counter

Intelligent Nutrients One Body Hand and Nail Balm

Plant Bioactive Science One Body Hand and Nail Balm is a light yet dense hand and nail treatment that calms cracks, diffuses dark spots, and provides a moisture barrier. $29

Intelligent Nutrients Time Traveler Serum

Time Traveler Serum fades and stimulates cells. Made with Red Algae, Sea Daffodil, Sea Fennel, Bidens Pilosa plant, and retinol science. It helps to diffuse dark spots and support regeneration.

My Thoughts

What I like about the One Body Hand and Nail Balm is that it goes on so light but seems thick. My hands feel super moisturized as if I applied a butter or thick cream on them. It absorbs into the skin and doesn't feel greasy at all.

The Time Traveler Serum has a fragrant scent and feels smooth when I apply it to my face. I've only been using it for a few days so I can't give you a before and after yet but I will come back and give an update when the results are in.

Horst Rechelbacher fought long and hard to make a difference in the skincare industry by providing beauty products that are actually good for us. I'm so glad that I got the chance to take a closer look into Intelligent Nutrients. I definitely plan to use it a lot more!

Have you ever tried Intelligent Nutrients before?


  1. I haven't tried these yet. I'd love to see how you like the time traveler serum when you update it ;)

  2. So far I've used it three times. I know that I need more time to really see a change so I'll be sure to let you know. :)

  3. I have tried Intelligent Nutrient, but I love a good hand cream. May be my next choice.

  4. I'm so particular about the hand-cream I put on my hands. I love one that is nice and thick and feels amazing on my hand.

  5. I've never heard of this brand. They look really cool though! My hands are always seriously dry, so I love thick creams. The fact that it helps reduce dark spots is definitely a plus! #ProductReviewParty

  6. Ok I had never actually heard of this product brand before now. I love it when I come to your blog and learn of new items I would practically and really love. I like that it is all natural. My kinda items I seek!

  7. I've never heard of Intelligent Nutrients, thanks so much for sharing this. I think I want to try that hand and nail balm. I don't really have a nice hand cream and it's good to know that it's non-toxic.

  8. I've never heard of this brand but I've been wanting to try more organic skin care lines. I will definitely look for this. Thanks for sharing.

  9. My hands are always submerged in something that can dry it out. Water, dirt, dough, paint. It's important for them to stay moisturized, and this seems like something that I should look into putting in all of my bags!

  10. I love learning about new beauty products.Sign me up for the Time Travelers Serum!

  11. I always love your photos. They are always very simple, yet some of the most elegant I've seen in a blog post.

  12. I'm looking forward to spending a lifetime with my husband. But it's been a struggle since I've can 10 pounds. It's not that I'm huge. Nope, I'm still very petite, but after having twins I never lost my belly fat. I need to workout and find a way to lose the bulge and then everything will be great.

  13. I haven't tried this brand before but it looks like something I need to check out! I love that they are careful with their ingredients!

  14. Thank you for this review, I haven't heard of this line before and the information is very useful since I am ALWAYS looking for new skin care products.

  15. I'm surprised I haven't heard of this brand before. Thanks for sharing about it girl, I would love to try out Intelligent Nutrients One Body Hand and Nail Balm.


  16. I have tried them before. However, that hand and nail balm is calling my name.

  17. I've never tried Intelligent Nutrient but would love to become more familiar with the brand. Because I have eczema, my skin is sensitive to so many products. I'm thinking because these are so natural, it might be perfect for my skin.

  18. The cosmetic industry has infused the market with products full of petroleum and chemical based compounds. Not only do they inhibit oxygen to your skin, they offer no nutrients, providing only immediate results while causing further damage later on.


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