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Why I Love Home Decor from ALDI

I'm an ALDI loyal shopper and I'm proud of it! ALDI has been my favorite affordable grocery store for years. I even wrote an ALDI 101 guide back in my couponing days.

While I don't go crazy for coupons anymore, I still love my deals. Did you know that you can find cheap home decor at ALDI too? I have bought candles, bedding, you name it. 

We've been wanting to change our home decor for Spring. During the fall and winter months, we used the red accent pillows but now it's time for something different.

I found these pillows at my local ALDI and grabbed them since they were so affordable. I think I paid $12.99 or $14.99. Sorry I don't remember the exact amount.

Have you ever shopped at ALDI for home decor?


  1. You betcha girl I have. Aldi just seems to have such cute stuff at the time I need it for the cheap! Better than BigLots etc. I know it is not a lot to choose from but what they do have is good quality it seems.

  2. I've never shopped at ALDI, but now I'm gonna be paying close attention to it every time I go in there, now! Thanks for sharing! These pillows are so cute!

  3. I shop at ALDI for grocery, but I rarely look at the home decor section. These are some great buys!

  4. I have shopped at ALDI for groceries awhile back, but they didn't have home decor. Is that something new? I'll need to go back.


  5. Oh wow, we need one of those here. I would definitely shop home decor from them.

  6. I get at right place beautiful home decor items recently we are shifting to our new home definitely shop from ALDI.


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