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Thursday, August 24, 2017

One Car Shopping Tool that Will Make Buying a Car Easier

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Shopping for a new car can be frustrating. Especially when you need a car quick.

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I remember when my husband and I bought our first car. We made a hasty decision because our donated minivan gave out on us and we bought the first car we saw. That car lot ended up charging us $8000 more than it was worth! We ended up still paying for that car years after we traded it in.

Then last year, we found ourselves needing to buy a new car. We were in the market for a new vehicle but really didn't know where to start. We asked around and a few friends had recommendations, but it was hard to find exactly what we were looking for.

I wish we had known about at the time. It would have made our car shopping much easier. has lots of vehicles to choose from. You' are able to browse new cars, car reviews, and many other options. They even have videos that you can watch. makes it easy for you to do your research on a vehicle before you actually make a purchase. Man, I wish we did that!

In the end we purchased the car model I wanted but in a color that I personally hated. Next time, I'll be sure to use first. My son will be of driving age soon so we may need it sooner than later.

Have you ever used before?



  1. Thank you for the resource Stacie!

  2. This is perfect timing! My husband and I just started looking for a new car so this is definitely going to come in handy. Thank you

  3. Thank you for this. Eventually, I'll be getting a new car and I'll definitely be using to help.

  4. Yes, is one of our go to sites. My husband usually starts the search and I jump in later!

    1. Girl, I can relate. My hubby loves looking at cars.

  5. Girl! I was in desperate need of a car. I didn't know anything about negotiating. I didn't research prices, I was shopping blind. They saw me coming and took full advantage. It was a "job is your credit" type of place. I was young and uninformed. I needed

  6. I used for only reviews, but haven't used it to buy a car though.


  7. I have looked at and then headed to the lots. I hate buying cars. I need one and then Sammie starts driving next May. We will probably share a car.

  8. In the market for a new car actually. I barely considered and easy to remember!

  9. I wish I would've known about it when I got my car, but I will try it out when I go for my next one

  10. This is a great resource! Thanks for sharing!

  11. Ive never used, but I'll have to check it out as I'm looking to trade my car in soon

  12. I had the toughest time last year searching for a new car! This is a great resource. Thank you!

  13. Thank God for the internet, I like the fact that you can do research before purchasing a car. I know the last car I purchased we over paid as well.

  14. I have never used but this is good information!


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