Getting Healthy: Mind, Body, and Soul

Lately, it may seem that I haven't been blogging as much as I normally do. Turns out there's a good reason for it. I've been busy getting my life y'all.

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I've been getting it together by working on my Mind, Body, and Soul.

Over the summer, I've been going to inner beauty and empowerment classes and honestly, it has been changing my life. I've been learning so much about using my personal power and not giving it away by always giving someone a piece of mind.

The Inner Beauty Project classes I've been taking have helped me see myself as God sees me which has in turn not only helped me gain even more self-confidence but it has also improved my relationship with God. 

Getting My Body Healthy

I recently watched "What the Health" on Netflix and it was extremely eye opening! This food documentary shed light on the correlation between what we eat and disease. I can't tell you that I'm going vegan or eating a plant based only diet, but what I do know is I have got to make some changes.

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I've been making some changes in my diet and my families diet as well. We're embracing eating healthy foods like fruits and vegetables. I've always been open to occasionally enjoying alternativemeats like veggie burgers. Now I plan to make Meatless Monday a regular item on my grocery list.

Do I have it all down? No. Do I struggle here and there? Yes! The point is seeing where you need to make adjustments and start there. Recognizing the need for change is half the battle!

Have you been watching your diet or doing inner work on yourself? What has it been like for you?


  1. This sounds cool. I'll have to see if there is a class like that in my area.

  2. I've been intentionally active for a few months now. I have a 10,000 step goal a day. I've always eaten plenty of fruits and veggies so I'm good. I've been getting better organized though.

  3. This was such a great reasd! I've also been working on self-care.

  4. Recently I realized that I spend my time and energy trying to help everyone else, but myself. For a little while I need to date me. Court myself so I can be whole.

  5. What the health made me change how I thought about food and even my job! I work in health care and it is just crazy to me how the government is basically trying to kill us


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