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What to Wear to the Black Panther Movie

The Black Panther movie is releasing Friday and I simply cannot wait. I'm a huge Marvel, hey I have boys, but this is the first Marvel movie with a mostly black cast. Now we need to discuss what we are wearing!

This is one movie you can't just wear anything to. This is your opportunity to show your black pride and here a few of my favorite African American clothing and accessories that will get mad love all month!

What to Wear to the Black Panther Movie 

Black Faux Leather Leggings 

African print pants 

Personally, I will be wearing all black. Don't trip, I have my black beret too!

What are you planning wear to the Black Panther?


  1. I didn't dress up when I went to go see Black Panther, but I'm loving all your picks girl!

  2. Agree. Great selection! #BLMGirl


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