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New Spring Bath & Body Products

Happy spring everyone! I'm so glad it's finally here! Can you believe that Easter is at the end of the week? Man, this year seems to be flying by.

an Easter basket of bath and body products

Speaking of Easter, I just got a box of goodies from the makers of Mr. Bubble. Remember them? It's called Hallu and is all about unicorns, mermaids, and fairies, oh my!

Introducing Hallu

Hallu is cute, whimsical line of bath and body products that make the perfect Easter gift for teen girls as well as adults. The scents are sweet and playful. They have four lines and each one is unique and has it's a very own fragrance.

Gnome (not pictured) 

They're affordable too. Large bath bombs $3.97,  scrubs, scrub & body butter bars, body mist, and body lotions are $4.97 each.

Hallu Bath & Body Collections

unicorn bath and body products

The Unicorn Collection is all about rainbows and has a beachy scent with notes of mango, peach, raspberry, tangerine, Jasmine blossoms, yellow freesia with undertones of woods and tranquil vanilla. You can imagine how great that one smells! The rainbow sugar scrub has is a great way to gently exfoliate your skin using Rosehip oil and coconut oils.

Mermaid bath and body products

The Mermaid Collection smells of sea salt and citrus mixed with Amber, woods and sensual musk. It reminds me of a fresh blue ocean type of scent.

The Mermaid Scrub & Body Butter Bar contains coconut oil, Shea butter, cocoa butter, seaweed and sea salt to remove dry skin leaving it moisturized. My gbaby is into all things mermaid so she loved this collection. I plan to give her a few bath bombs in her Easter basket.

Fairy bath and body products

The Fairy Collection has an island fragrance mixed with floral notes of hibiscus, Water Lilly, Jasmine and sheer vanilla, musk and shaved wood. This set is probably my favorite out of all the collections.

The Fairy Pink Body Mist is lightweight and made with Rose oil and Shea butter. It has a shimmer that gives your skin a rose gold sparkle while the  2 in 1 Scrub & Butter Body Bar has coconut oil, Shea butter, cocoa butter, hibiscus petals and sea salt that will exfoliate and hydrate your dry skin.

My Thoughts

You know I'm a fan of bath and body products so I love seeing what's new out there. I was impressed with Hallu because everything smells so good.

This was my first time trying a shower bomb and it was a very aromatic experience. The sugar scrub products will get plenty of use as I slough away all this dry winter skin and prepare for warmer weather.

The Unicorn Foam Lotion was my least favorite because it wasn't as moisturizing as I need my lotions to be. I would, however, layer it on top of my current moisturizer as an added perfume.

whimsical bath and body products on a white table

Hallu products can be purchased at your local Walmart. Look for it on an end cap in the personal care section of the store. Learn more about Hallu here!

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*I received press samples for consideration and opinions are all mine. This post is not sponsored and I am not obligated to write about it. It's just fun.


  1. Not sure if my first comment went through. Love this post, and happy to know it's at Walmart. Perfect for stuffing Sammie's Easter basket.

  2. Thanks for the review. I had no idea this existed but it looks like something my daughter would enjoy! I would not mind trying the shower bomb myself.

  3. This is a good time to do a scrub with the seasons changing. Nice review of some very useful products!

  4. I love this! I love a good scrub, and body products that smell good, sign me up! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Oooh you had me at those photos, I am always a sucker for a good bath and body product especially scrubs. Thank you for putting this on my radar!

  6. You always keep us informed on all the great products. How do you stay so up to date on all this lol. Great post and I'm going to buy some of these.

  7. I need to skip back to my Walmart and see if they have any of these products in stock. I would love to try the sugar scrub cubes.

  8. How festive are these products. I think I deserve an Easter Basket full of these. I've never tried a bath bomb but I need to.

  9. My daughter and I are bath product lovers. These sound so whimsical and fun!

  10. Great product review all these products sound great! I'm have to check these out next time I go to Wal-Mart.

  11. I all see is bombs. Give me all the bath bombs!

  12. I love this basket. I have a thing for bath bombs. Everything looks like the perfect adult Easter basket.

  13. It's fun seeing brands evolve. My little girl is only 2 but honey she'd be all over this.


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