How To Rock Your Spring Style When it Looks & Feels Like Winter

We are well into spring but you can't tell by looking outside. We have 12 fresh inches of snow! I don't know if spring is coming or not!

Nevertheless, it is spring and though I have to pull out my winter boots again, it won't last forever. If you're like me and wondering when spring will finally arrive in your town, here are a few tips that will help you dress for spring even though winter won't let you be great.

How To Rock Your Spring Style When it Looks & Feels Like Winter

1. First things first. Stop wearing those dark, black, brown, navy, and burgundy hues. Pull out the brighter colors like pink, yellow, orange, turquoise, whether the pastel or bold versions.  You'll find that your mood will be lifted as you wear these colors.

2. Put the heavier fabrics and sweaters in the back of your closet and replace with lighter cotton and flowy tops. Layer with a tank top and scarf to keep warm on chilly days.

Another tip would be to stop wearing the huge winter coat.  Put on your Spring coat and wear layers underneath. Use your spring scarves instead of wool ones.

3. Choose lighter makeup shades. Go for a soft pink, peach, and lilac instead of the dark crimson that was so popular last Fall/Winter. Also, do the same for your nails. No more dark grey and heaven forbid black nails. Lighten it up a bit.

4. Lastly, update your bath and body products with fresh, fruity or floral scents. Put the vanilla and musk away for later.

How do you rock your spring style when it's still cold outside?


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