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Simple Prime Day Tips

Amazon Prime Day is the new Black Friday and it's time for you to get ready to score some great shopping deals online!

Simple Prime Day Tips

1. Sign up! I feel like this goes without saying but you gotta make sure you have Amazon Prime to take advantage of the deals. You can get a free 30 day trial by clicking this link. Remember, you can always cancel it later.

2. Plan, plan, plan. Know what it is your're looking for not only makes shopping easier but it will save time and keep you from aimlessly wondering around. Add the items to your list

3. Check prices ahead of time. This way your know what your saving and if you're really getting that good of a deal.

4. Be sure to download the Amazon Prime Now App to get your Amazon deals in an hour!

5. Lastly, have some fun, but don't go over budget. It's no fun if you end up regretting your purchases or return them later.

Are you excited for Amzon Prime Day?

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