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Everyday Mom Fashion Ideas: Eyelash Graphic T-shirt

The weather has been chilly here in the Minneapple! Our morning temps have been hovering in the 30's but have a windchill of the 20's.

October has also been very rainy for us so as soon as the sun came out, I headed outside to enjoy what's left of our fall season.

One of my favorite things about autumn is fall fashion. My usual mom uniform consists of leggings, a cute top or graphic t-shirt, a sweater cardigan or jean jacket, and flats of some sort. I wanted to add a few plus size graphic tees to my fall wardrobe.

a woman walking outside in the fall leaves with a moto jacket and eyelash tshirt

I had been eyeing (pun intended) this grey eyelash t-shirt for a while and decide to purchase it.

a woman walking outside in the fall leaves with a jean jacket and eyelash tshirt

           Isn't this kitty purse too cute? I'm a dog lover myself but I had to make an exception!



How is your fall going so far? What items have you been adding to your fall wardrobe?


  1. I need that leather jacket and blue jean jacket you're rocking. I live for a good fall look.

  2. I think it's about time I add to my mom uniform as well! I love the lash t-shirt! It's definitely something I would wear. And he kitty purse is cute too!

  3. Love that purse! The tshirt looks amazingly comfortable. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Cute shirt! I don't know why I thought this article was gonna tell me how to make one. I'm trippin!
    -Nicole Vick

  5. Love the tee Stacie. I like the overall look especially the tee with the jacket look.

  6. Whoa, it sounds like it's way to cold in your area for me!! This tee is too cute though, and I love the way you styled it.

  7. That is a cute T-shirt. Since I am into beauty - I'm a makeup artist - having great lashes and brows resonate with me. i love the little kitty clutch.

  8. I love the shirt and although I am anti cats the purse is really cute. We had our first morning frost this week. Our temps range from 55 to 70 during the day. I am adding over sizes sweaters to my wardrobe.

  9. I live the purse. I don't really like the colder weather but love the fall colors.

  10. That purse is the cat's meow!! See what I did there. I love it.

  11. You look gorgeous. I love everything!


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