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I Come From Arizona Recap

A few weeks ago my daughter and gbaby had the pleasure of attending I Come From Arizona, a play that deals with the immigration issue from the eyes of a young girl.

Grandma wasn't able to attend so I sent the girls on my behalf.

About I Come From Arizona

Gabi Castillo, a bright, 14-year-old Mexican-American girl living on the South Side of Chicago, is accepted into a very different, elite high school. Through her Global Perspectives class, she learns secrets about her past and her parents, discovers her own inherited strength, and begins to understand what it means to take risks. In today’s world of immigration raids and Dreamers, fear and uncertainty, Gabi inspires a modern-day lesson in bravery, courage, and finding power in what seems like a powerless situation.

“It seems nearly every day now we hear stories of ICE picking up folks—fathers, mothers, brothers, uncles—and deporting them back to their country of origin,” stated Director Lisa Portes. “Just the other day I heard a story on NPR about a mother holed up in a sanctuary church, getting her kids ready for school, and walking them to the door of the church, unable to step outside for fear of the ICE agents waiting outside. The kids don't fully understand what's happening. I Come From Arizona tells the story of a U.S. born Mexican-American teenager coming to understand exactly what's happening. Gabi Castillo, like so many American schoolkids, must face the complexities of immigration in this country and how they directly affect her, her little brother, Jesús, and her parents, Reymundo, and Dolores.”

Thoughts on I Come From Arizona

This play did a great job addressing the issues of Immigration according to my daughter. She also felt that the actors were very believable.

Though the content was more serious in nature my granddaughter enjoyed the play. Just be aware that some kids may not fully understand what is going on which could lead to some great conversations at home.

For more info about I Come From Arizona, visit the website here!

Show dates - Oct. 9th - Nov. 25th
Children’s Theatre Company
2400 Third Ave S, Minneapolis

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