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Does Black Toothpaste Work? My Dessert Essence Natural Toothpaste Review

Have you ever thought about trying a natural toothpaste and wondering if it's right for you? Well, stay tuned as I share my experience including what I think about black toothpaste.

Dessert Essence Toothpaste on a brown marble table

Every now and then I get to try products for free and I recently partnered with Moms Meet to try Desert Essence natural toothpaste. They sent me this beautiful package of products.

Dessert Essence Toothpaste in a fancy package

About Desert Essence Natural Toothpaste 

Desert Essence offers carrageenan free dental care. It is cruelty-free, has no SLS, is gluten-free, vegan, and made in the USA with the globally sourced ingredients. Below, you'll find the flavors I received.

a variety of Dessert Essence Toothpastes

Desert Essence Pink Himalayan Salt Toothpaste has mineral-rich pink Himalayan salt and virgin coconut oil. Baking soda and tea tree oil and a refreshing creamy mint flavor to keep your mouth fresh and clean

Desert Essence Arnica & Tea Tree Oil has a blend of oils and extracts including Arnica and Myrrh. Baking soda and sea salt to gently clean your teeth while zinc helps reduce build up. The Wintergreen flavor keeps your breath fresh and clean.

Desert Essence Aloe and Tea Tree Oil help soothe with baking soda and sea salt gently clean. Australian Tea Tree oil help defends against sugar acid and the peppermint flavor keeps it fresh and clean.

Desert Essence Activated Charcoal toothpaste has an exclusive blend of activated coconut shell charcoal, ultrafine charcoal powder to beautifully polished and deeper clean your teeth. Fresh mint keeps your breath fresh and clean.

Does Black Toothpaste Work?

Now, the internet has been going crazy over black toothpaste so I was excited to try out Desert Essence's version of charcoal toothpaste. It's actually a smooth grey toothpaste, not black but it has the same effect. When you use it, it makes your mouth grey and your sink too so be warned.

This stuff really works at polishing your teeth. My teeth looked super shiny and white and felt squeaky clean. But I did notice that after a while my front teeth felt sensitive and sore. Ouch!

Listen, this stuff is hardcore and will get the job done but I won't use it that often. I will use the rest of the Desert Essence natural toothpastes.

The Pink Hymilian Salt toothpaste is creamy and not abrasive at all, which I didn't expect but my favorites are the Aloe and Arnica toothpastes.

Have you tried Desert Essence toothpaste before? What do you think of charcoal toothpaste?


  1. I have tried activated charcoal before and I loved it. A lot of teeth whitening products cause sensitive teeth. I guess that's one of the side effects.

  2. I use activated charcoal toothpaste sometimes.. I have about 4 different brands but I don’t stick with them long enough.. I felt like the last one I used really worked.. maybe I will pull it back out

  3. Wow.I am not familiar with charcoal toothpaste but will give it a try. Most commercial toothpaste are all the same so I am interested in something different. Getting over the grey coloring would be the first step for me !!

  4. I really want to try this, but the trend is a bit too new for me. I like to wait things out and see how they work over time for other people before I get to experimenting with things I put on my body.

  5. I've never tried Charcoal for teeth cleaning before, but I've heard great things. I love that they actually make the tooth paste now.

  6. This was a great review, I’ve heard of charcoal toothpaste but I’ve never tried it. I would use it a few times a year though. I’m curious about all the others, I’ve never heard of them.

  7. I’ve never tried charcoal for cleaning teeth. Thanks for an honest and transparent review. I’m keeping my eye out for this.

  8. Black toothpaste is amazing and it works well. Great review!

  9. My sister makes the charcoal black toothpaste that I use. Unfortunately, because I could really see the benefits, it molded. Gross I thought, but natural toothpastes apparently have shorter shelf lives.

  10. I’ve used another brand of charcoal toothpaste. I even purchased the activated charcoal tablets and mixed it with my traditional
    Toothpaste. I did see a slight change. Maybe, I’ll give this brand a try.

  11. Currently, I'm using a charcoal toothbrush and so far I like it. I found it at Costco. Charcoal is all the rage right now.


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