5 Movies I'm Looking Forward to Seeing with the Kids + Disney/Marvel 2019 Movie Guide

Oh my, have you seen the new 2019 movie lineup? We are a family that loves action-packed superhero movies so this is going to be our year!

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I can't wait to see these movies with my kids and I wanted to give you all a glimpse of Marvel and Disney movies to expect this year. Each one of these movie picks are family-friendly entertainment that anyone can enjoy.

5 Movies I'm Looking Forward to Seeing with the Kids + the Disney &Marvel 2019 Movie Guide

Captain Marvel movie poster

1. One of the most exciting movies for superhero fans will be the release of Captain Marvel. She is supposed to be the worlds most powerful superhero yet! Marvel fand know that you have to watch the movies in order so we'll be sure not to miss this one. Release date March 8, 2019.

Avengers movie poster

2. I CAN NOT WAIT! I can't. Seriously! Avengers End Game is appropriately named because this is supposed to be the last Avengers movie as many of the actors have retired from the series. Of all the movies set to release in 2019,  this is the one I'm most excited for! Release date - April 26, 2019.

Lion King movie poster

3. Okay, sing it with me. "Naaants ingonyama bagithi Baba Sithi uhm ingonyama."  Didn't know I spoke Zulu huh? I don't but that is the most recognizable part of the family favorite movie
The Lion King. The circle of life live-action movie features BeyoncĂ©, James Earl Jones, Donald Glover and more. Release date July 19, 2019.

Toy Story 4 movie poster

4. It's been a while since we heard from Woody and the gang. Toy Story 4 will be another movie that the whole family can see. This is one movie that I'll see with the gbabies. Release date June 21, 2019.

Star Wars  movie poster

5. Lastly, the end of the latest Star Wars trilogy Star Wars IX will release at the end of the year. We haven't even seen a trailer yet but gotta know, it's going to be big for all Star Wars fans, myself included. Release date December 20, 2019.

Other new 2019 movies set to release are:

Dumbo - release date March 29, 2019
Penguins - release date April 19, 2019.
Aladdin - release date May 24, 2019
Frozen 2 - Release date November 22, 2019

What new 2019 movies are you most excited to see?


  1. Toy Story, Lion King and Aladdin are on my list this year!

  2. I’m looking forward to seeing The Lion King! One of my favorite movies from the 90’s.

  3. I loved Toy Story so much but I did not know that they were already on number 4. And I am always here for the sci fi/star wars type of flicks.

  4. Yess we are thrilled to see Captain Marvel. My son is a Marvel buff. I'm concerned for Lion King as it is one of my favorites and I dont have time for them messing it up! Crossing my fingers that they do it well.

  5. I'm most excited for Aladdin and the Avengers. I'm on the fence about the Lion King. I feel like they're messing with perfection LOL

  6. No kids of my own, but I am so into watching each and every one of these movies. I'm really curious to see if the live actions live up to the originals.

  7. These all look so good! I'm most excited for the Lion King! Already a classic, plus Beyonce's in it?? Yesss!

  8. Wait, they're coming out with a Toy Story 4!? I had no idea! I'm excited about Aladdin and The Lion King too!

  9. I had no idea that Disney had so many movies coming out! Of course Star Wars is my favorite.

  10. The Disney movies I would like to see is The Lion King, and maybe Dumbo. What I'm not liking is all these live-action movies Disney is doing. I wonder why they keep creating them?


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