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Cover Gray Hair Easily

Ladies, as we age covering our gray hair becomes extremely important. We women and men for that matter, look all over for solutions and easy ways to cover gray hair.

Some may head to the salon to get their gray hair professional dyed. I even know someone who plucks her gray hairs. I wouldn't suggest that at all because it can damage the hair follicle and lead to bald patches. Honey, I'd rather be gray than bald. Anywho, today I'm going to give you a few tips for covering your gray hair at home.

Thankfully I've been blessed with good genes as the women in my family don't have a lot of gray hair. But I am starting to see a few gray strands at my temples and it's time to do something about that. I know you can use a toothbrush or mascara wand but that can get messy and I've got an easier way to get rid of pesky gray hair.

Ways to Cover Gray Hair Easily

1.  Dye your hair at home. At home hair color works well to cover gray hair. Just be sure to pick a shade that matches your natural hair color best. If highlights are your thing you can use them to disguise your gray hairs as well.

2.  Wear your hair a different way to hide gray hair. Simply combing or parting your hair a different way can hide your gray hairs. If all else fails, you can wear a stylish wig.

3. Cover up gray hair with L'Oreal Paris Magic Root Coverup Spray and L'Oreal Paris Magic Root Precision Pen. This is a great option when you are pressed for time. Just grab yourself a red cover up spray to cover gray roots. I received a complimentary Loreal Paris Root Precision Voxbox from Influenster. Y'all know how much a love my Influenster Voxboxes. If you want to learn how to get one yourself, go here.

So first let's look at the L'Oreal Paris Magic Root Cover Up Spray. This is my first time using such a product. It says it's quick and easy and dries in a flash. 

*No smudging or sticky residue 
*Lasts one shampoo 
*Ammonia free, peroxide free, and no synthetic dyes

Be sure to cover your shoulders with a towel and shake well. Spray on dry hair about 6 inches from regrowth using a light steady pressure to blend in the color. Let it dry for one minute.

Next, let's look at the L'Oreal Paris Magic Root Precision Pen. What I like about this is that it targets scattered stray gray hairs and covers them. The brush helps you blend it in and make it look more natural.

*Covers gray hair fast
lambs to a natural finish
*Washes out in one shampoo
*Great for all hair types

L'Oreal Paris Magic Root Cover Up Spray and L'Oreal Paris Magic Root Precision Pen Quick Review

I don't have much gray hair and only needed to apply the L'Oreal Paris Magic Root Cover Up Spray to my temples. I found that the spray gives great coverage but would work better for people who had a lot of gray hair to cover. I also noticed that this one faded the next day.

I did find that the L'Oreal Paris Magic Root Precision Pen worked better for me because I can target stray gray hairs and place the product exactly where I need it. Also, it didn't fade as much the next day.


Listen, going gray is a part of life and if you aren't ready to full out embrace your gray hair, hopefully, these tips will help buy you some time.

How do you cover your gray roots?


  1. Thanks for the detailed review of the L'Oreal products. I like the idea of the root pen. I have a few more gray hairs then you but probably not enough for the spray. Lately I have been using an edge gel by Lottabody in the color black. It works for the gray and thin edges too :)

  2. Such a cool, quick idea to get rid of greys instead of taking so much time to dye hair! L’Oreal snapped with this product!

  3. Great tips. I’ll share this post with my cousin who’s always looking for ways to cover her gray hairs

  4. I have had gray hair strands since I was a teen. Now I have several, but I don’t mind them now. I remember my mom using a product similar to this when I was young to cover her grays.

  5. These are some great tips! I'm only 32, but I have a few gray hair strands, and instead of dying my whole head, I use this spray!

  6. Wow!!! I have some gray hair strands but I sort of like them lol. This was a good suggestion especially for those that don’t like it.

  7. This is such a fantastic and easy way to deal with those pesky greys. What is is about them always standing out so obviously no matter how I comb my hair lol.


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