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Black History Beauty Boxes You Need to Snatch Up

It's Black History Month and I wanted to share these cute Black History Themed Beauty boxes that I found. I love trying new beauty products as most of you know and these beauty boxes have just what you need to look fly and smell fresh this month.

These beauty boxes are affordable and curated specifically for women of color. They include hair care products and beauty products with us in mind and you know I'm happy about that!

Inside these Black History Month beauty boxes, you'll find black-owned brands like Shea Moisture, Lip Bar, Eden Bodyworks, and more.

There are three Beauty Boxes that I found:

Women's Maxing & Relaxing Beauty Box -featured above. Comes with full-size samples. SheaMoisture Coconut & Hibiscus Mud Mask Packette, Carol’s Daughter Almond Cookie Bar Soap, Eden Body Works Coconut Shea Hand Cream, and The Lip Bar Lipstick in Cosmo.

Women's Recline & Unwind Beauty Box $14.99. Includes SheaMoisture Fruit Fusion Shea Butter Lip Balm, Urban Skin RX 3-in-1 Even Tone Cleansing Bar, SheaMoisture African Black Soap Face & Body Bar, and Nubian Heritage Coconut & Papaya Bath Bombs.

Men's Moving & Grooving Beauty Box $14.99 Has SheaMoisture 4-in-1 Bourbon Commodore All-Over Wash, SheaMoisture Maracuja Oil & Shea Butter Beard Wash, SheaMoisture Maracuja & Shea Oils Beard Conditioning Oil, and Uncle Jimmy’s Beard Softener Conditioning Balm.  

I have been a fan of Carol's Daughter even before she went big time so I knew I would enjoy using the Almond Cookie Soap but I quickly fell in love with the Eden Bodyworks Coconut Hand Cream and have been using it as a lotion on my dry winter skin.

I still haven't tried the Shea Moisture Mud Mask but I'm excited to. The Lip Bar lipstick in Cosmo is a bold red matte lipstick. The color is great but I'm not a fan of matte lipstick because I find that it is really drying on my lips. When I wear it with lipgloss it looks pretty but the combination bleeds. I'll have to find the perfect lipgloss to go with this because I need a good red lipstick.

I also picked up the new Treat Yo Self Beauty Box by Zandra $14.99 which was made by a teen entrepreneur who just landed a deal in Target. You know I had to support her.

This delicious smelling beauty box features a lip balm, lotion, and a scrub all in the yummy scent of Japanese Kumquat. It all smells so amazing! The only thing that needs a little work is her packaging. Some of the items were loose out of place but hey it's a learning experience. I'll still support her for sure.

Have you purchased any of the Beauty Boxes for Black History Month?


  1. I only bought the Target beauty box once, but I had no idea they were this good. I'm gonna have to get back on this. I'm super impressed they have a black history box and even feature urban skin rx. That's amazing!

    1. I agree! I love that they offer products for us.

  2. I had a beauty box from Target once. I love the packaging on the box so Afrocentric.

  3. Thank you for sharing these! I see quite a few things that I'd like to try.

  4. I was on the hunt for the Shea Moisture boxes and they said they had them in my local store and I went and they didn't. I want to get the man one of Babe for Valentine's Day. I didn't know about the Target Treat Yo Self Beauty Box by Zandra I want that one now.

  5. I had not heard of these at all. Thanks for sharing, super cool!

  6. It has been years since I purchased a beauty box from Target. They sometimes have full size products, so the price is worth it.

  7. Shout out to Target for these boxes for us! I haven't purchased because I have so many beauty products but this is a great buy.

  8. Good Stuff, I saw this box online and thought about purchasing it! I may go back and get it! I love the Target Beauty Boxes!

  9. These boxes all look so good! I love Shea Moisture products. I didn't know they had men's boxes! I'll have to look into them the next time I'm looking for something for my man.

  10. All of these look like some good products. Still, I have yet to try out Target's beauty boxes.

  11. That's a good article right here! I think I'll try some of these products.


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