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How I Keep My House Tidy When the Grandkids Come to Visit

This post is sponsored by Bona but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

My gbabies bring me such joy. Last year they lived with us temporarily but since they have moved, I don't see them as often as I would like.

When they do come to visit, the first thing they ask for is a snack. I usually smile and find something for them to munch on. I remember the many times I would head to my grandma's house who happened to live right next door to me. She always had an after-school snack or something for me. Freshly roasted cashews from the club they cleaned or even a slice of pie. I try to be that way for my gbabies too.

Now that spring is around the corner it's time to start thinking about spring cleaning. But that can be hard with little ones around. Today I wanted to share a few ideas I use for keeping my house clean. 

How I Keep My House Tidy When the Grandkids Come to Visit

Buy Decorative Storage Bins 

I like having storage bins to keep their toys in. I remember when all we had for storage were the plastic storage bins with lids. Nowadays you can find cute decorative storage bins that match your home decor. They come in all sorts of colors and can easily slide under a coffee or end table. 

Have a Designated Place for them to Play

Our home is small and we don't have a lot of room so I encourage the girls to play in my office where they are not directly in the way.

However, there are times when having a designated place to play doesn't always work. Especially when the kids want to be where you are. When grandma is cooking in the kitchen, the first thing the girls do is bring their toys right into our small kitchen area which always means there is a mess for me to clean up.

a kitchen floor with toys on it

Keep a Good Mop Handy

It's important to have a good mop that's handy and easy to use. I'm currently using the
Bona Spray Mop to clean up any spills or messes the little ones may have left behind.

a clean kitchen floor

Bona Spray Mops work better for me than any DIY solution that could possibly damage the finish of my laminate floor.

a shiny kitchen floor

What I like about the Bona Spray Mop is that it's quick and easy. It comes with a full size ready to use and has refillable cartridges that are easy to use and a machine washable microfiber pad that can easily be cleaned in the in your wash machine.

Have the kids help clean

My gbabies are big girls and love to help out so I encourage them to scrape their plate or throw away their trash away. I love singing the "Clean up, clean up, everybody everywhere" song for the girls. There's something about hearing that song that gets them out of their seat and picking up their toys around the house. It worked on their mama and it works on them too.

What are your tips for keeping your home tidy with little ones?


  1. I love Bona and use their floor spray for my laminate wood floors. I didn't realize they have a refillable sprayer mop. Nice! Your g girls are adorable! Mine are coming to visit over spring break. I am sure we'll have spills (ha!) that mop would be handy.

    1. Oh that's sweet that you get to see you grandkids soon. Yeah, that mop will be needed i'm sure. ;)

  2. I had a chance to test this product before it hit the market, and I have to tell you, I love it. I like how the pad is washable. It's definitely a great product.

  3. I NEED a Bona mop in my life. Seems like it would be convenient, and easy to use. I am so sick of this old-fashioned style mop. Time to upgrade for my Spring cleaning :)

  4. That mop seems on point ! Kids and spills are mutual!

  5. Yes a mop is always needed because are always spilling stuff on the floors.,,

  6. I need one of these. We seem to always get little spills on the kitchen floor and traffic dirt near the front door. This seems quick and convenient.

  7. I need someone to help clean my house.. my mom makes sure Madison stays in one part of her house as well. My daughter is messy AF and will have her house tore up

  8. My house is always need of a constant cleaning. I would love to try this mop!

  9. These are great tips. Letting them help cleanup is always a great idea. I also will have to check out that mop.

  10. Clean? I feel like my house is never really clean. But I do love a good easy mop. We have a swifter wet but I’m interested in this one!

  11. Lesson - always be prepared! You have a nice system on lock tho and this looks like it can work for more than kids 💖💫 I need some adults to fall thru on this plan!

  12. I spot clean during the week and deep clean on the weekends. My daughter is 7 so she has the responsibility to clean up after herself to earn things.

  13. Your grand babies are adorable. I though about the mop before but decided against it because I had a swifter spray mop and didnt like it. But I am going to check this one out. Thanks for sharing.

  14. I have a similar mop, and it works very well for my wood floors.

  15. Awww...your granddaughters are beautiful. I wish my mom and husband's mom lived closer so they could spend more time with our daughters. I'm sure you're a fun grandmother.

  16. I love this, my grandma was my absolute favorite person in this world. Something about the food and snacks she made us that taste better than anything I ever had.

  17. We sing the Clean up song too! It really seems to motivate the kids to put their toys away!


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