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Spring Break Fun with the Gbabies + Bachman's Spring Ideas House 2019

Spring break was a few weeks ago and I got to spend some time with my favorite little girls.

I got an impromptu call from my daughter asking if she wanted I wanted to hang out with the girls. Of course, I wouldn't miss a chance to see my Gbabies so we headed to the Bachman's Spring Ideas House to take in an afternoon of spring home decor and spring flowers.

As soon as we arrived all the older ladies fell in love with my Gbabies in their cute little dresses and backpacks. They got so many compliments on how cute they looked, it was so funny.

This little girl is something else! She wanted to be the star and made sure she snuck into as many pictures as she could.

Spring 2019 Home Decor Trends

At the Bachman's Ideas House, you can see what's trending in home decor for the season. This year there were a few ways to decorate for spring that stood out to me.

*Fresh spring colors provide seasonal layers to grays and neutral tones.

*Bees and Butterflies as decorative accents and wall art

*Galvanized metal and antique woods

*Bamboo, palm, and fern leaves provide a splash of greenery to brighten winter homes

The Guest Bedroom had a tropical garden feel. It looks like greenery is still a big trend this spring for home decor.

The Terrarium Room

a large terrarium

The Terrarium trend is really taking off. Talk about a tranquil escape right in your home. Listen I would do this if I had space in my house.

Girls Butterfly Room (Grandma & Gbabies Room)

Now this was the room I fell in love with. As you can see, we all fell in love. A little girl's paradise!

Looks like I need to get her into modeling asap!

Now, it's Grandma's turn!

What do you think of the Bachman's Spring Ideas House? Will you be trying any of these spring home decor trends?


  1. I like how you can go in and see what is trending. That is pretty cool. The girls are cuties and the camera loves them.

  2. Your GBabies are too cute! I love the terrarium trend. I plan on doing more of these at my house!

  3. Your GBabies are too Cute!!! I love the colorful rooms, this is something I would love to add to my children's room...more color!

  4. You have a natural gift for decorating. The colors are amazing in all the rooms.

  5. I love everything about the products and the decorations. Your Gbabies are too cute.

  6. The Bachman spring house is so me. So much color omg I would love to visit!

  7. Your grand baby's are so cute! I went around to a few furniture stores last weekend and saw some things I liked

  8. I too love the Butterfly room, it has so much personality. I adore the bold pops of color, they are so me.

  9. Beyond gorgeous!I especially love the headboard and gorgeous living room pillows.

  10. So cute! I am all about changing things up for the seasons. I admit I didn't do as well this Spring but I'm doing it up for the summer

  11. Your Gbabies are absolutely adorable!!!! Judging by all the spring decor, my decor at home needs some serious work.

  12. I love your spring decor. Time with the grandkids is always fun and a blessing.

  13. Your home decor is so colorful, which is totally my style! Your grandkids are so adorable!


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