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Follow Your Gut - Gut Connection

When you hear the words follow your gut what do you think if? Most of us think of our female intuition or that guiding voice inside of us.

But what about your actual gut? And by gut, I mean your stomach of course. Most us know the basics when it comes to our gut health like eat right, drink plenty of water, walking and exercise. But did you know that there's more you can do to have a healthy gut?

I was gifted a set of Gut Connection products from Country Life to try. Gut Connection is a supplement that aids in digestion. The goal of Gut Connection is to help your body find balance by helping you maintain a balanced digestive system.

A lot of stomach problems can be caused by a variety of issues such as:

-poor diet choices
-antibiotic usage
-environmental factors

Did you know that everyone has their own unique microbiome? Country Life Gut Connection is designed to help keep it healthy and balanced with a healthy fermentate.

My Thoughts

Staying regular is an important part of our health as well as maintaining gut health. These pills are a bit large for my taste. I will most likely use Git Connection if I notice that my family or I am feeling bloated or having trouble staying regular.

How are you taking care of your gut?

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  1. I need this product in my life. My digestive system has been funny lately. Thanks for sharing doll.


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