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Lemon Kitchen Decor from the Dollar Tree

Looking to update your home with Lemon home decor? Stay tuned to see how I added lemons to my kitchen decor.

Lemon Kitchen plates and placemats

Summer is here y'all! I have been so busy trying all sorts of home improvement projects here and there and I can't wait to share with you all. One thing I've been doing is changing my summer home decor. If you are looking to decorate your kitchen this summer, I've got a suggestion for you. Lemons! Yes, lemons. The lemon trend is showing up everywhere, not just on home decor but clothes, purses, you name it.

Listen, the lemon decor trend may be all the rage but when you can find it for a dollar, you better jump on it. Today I'm going to show you my kitchen lemon decor from the Dollar Tree.

Lemon dinnerware

I had been eyeing these lemon plates and bowls every time I entered the Dollar Tree and I made it a point to come back and buy it. Wouldn't you know, the next time I went someone had come and bought most it. I managed to find a few lemon dinnerware and lemon placemats but had to go to another Dollar Tree to find them.

Lemon dinnerware on a kitchen table

I placed my Citrus Sunsets ALDI candle in the center of my kitchen table but I may try to find some faux lemons to add as a kitchen table centerpiece to keep with the lemon decor theme.

What do you think of the Lemon decor trend? Yay or nay?


  1. What a minute... you said DOLLAR TREE?!? This tablescape is BEAUTIFUL!!! I am here for the lemons!

  2. Yay...cute,colorful and the price is right! Thanks for sharing.

  3. That's what I'm saying! These are SO adorable for dollar store finds.

  4. Super cute!!! I am such a sucka for dollar tree finds. Im here for the summer vibes!!

  5. I love to see the lemon trend everywhere. I think it is absolutely perfect for summer.


  6. Oh wow, that's really pretty and looks higher end.


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