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Christmas in July: Amazon Prime Day, Macy's Black Friday, and Nordtrom's Anniversary Sale

It's  Amazon Prime Day and that means July sales that can't be beat except during Christmastime. We're in the middle of a heatwave but you wouldn't know it by all of the Christmas in July sales and Black Friday deals.

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Ever since Amazon rolled out it's Prime Day, stores everywhere are trying to get in on all of the business by hosting their own online sales. Today I'm going to highlight a few that I like.

Amazon Prime Day 2019

Amazon Prime Day starts today and ends July 16 if you didn't already know. That means 48 hours of Amazon deals you can only get if you have Amazon prime. During the two full days of shopping, you will save on thousands of deals from hair and beauty products to techy devices with savings that match Black Friday!

Best Amazon Prime Day Deals 2019

*Last year the Instant Pot was all the rage and if you didn't snag one, you can actually get one right now for $59. No need to wait until tomorrow to get this deal.

Amazon products always go on sale on Amazon Prime Day. Like the Amazon Echo Dot and Fire TV Stick. These are great for your soon to be college kids or as Christmas gifts.

The Fire 7 Tablet just released and it will be on sale for $30 and it's perfect for back to school.

Ring Doorbells will be $70 and the doorbell pro at 169 ring doorbell pro plus the Echo Dot for $169 that deal is happening right now! Do you need a smartphone tip to know you need a smartphone and an outside outlet for the ring doorbell.

Steps to Get the Best Amazon Prime Deals

First, If you don't already have Amazon Prime, sign up now! Amazon even has a free 30 day prime trial for new subscribers only.

Then Download the Amazon app. That way you'll get to track deals and view them before they all live on the website.

Bonus Tip

Spend $10 at Whole Foods through July 16 and you will get $10 to spend on Amazon prime day 2019!

My favorite deals are the Instant Pot which is just $49.99 which is a better deal than I paid for mine on Black Friday last year and the Amazon Fire TV Stick that's on sale for just $14.99. I personally snatched this one up so I can see all the movies this summer!

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

The 2019 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is almost here and it's time to get ready ladies! I've got a few shopping tips on how to save big at this year's sale.

2019 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale catalog

If you like to shop and if you like to save money, then girlfriend this sale is for you. Your gonna save money on the brand new fall items, not the clearance. So all those fall trends you can wait to get your hands on will be on sale.

First things first, the best way to stay in the know is to sign up for the mailing list right away. That way you can get sale alerts on your favorite items.

Get Early Access

Get early access to the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale July 12 - July 13 by snagging the
Nordstrom credit card here. Early Access to the Nordstrom sale allows you to get first dibs off all the sale items before the general public does. 

Must Know Dates

*July 12 early access begins
*July 19 public access begins
*August 4 Nordstrom anniversary sale ends

You should definitely favorite the items you want now so you can receive an alert when the props when the price drops during the anniversary sale.

Nordstrom Sale Catalog

2019 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale catalog

Take a glimpse inside the Nordstrom 2019 Sale catalog here or you can pick one up in store.

My Favorite Nordstrom Sale Buys

My faves are the exclusive Nordstrom beauty deals. I have snagged some great beauty products in previous sales. I've also picked up many candles sets from the sale too.

Last Minute Beauty Deals at the Anniversary Sale
Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Early Fashion Faves

Macy's Black Friday in July 

Macy's Black Friday in July has been extended through Tuesday online only! Of they would. Black Friday in July means you can take an extra 25% off all orders at Macy's. Be sure to use the coupon code July. The sale lasts from July 8 - July 16.

Happy shopping!


  1. I just finished shopping and I got a few good things. I thought about that ring one but I have a camera already didn't buy that one

  2. I did not buy anything on prime day this year, but the fire stick is a great deal. Thanks for sharing these links with us, doll.

  3. Christmas in July indeed! For once I'm not too tempted. We got an instapot a while back and check check on ring doorbells. Such a great deal tho for anyone who has them on their list.

  4. I shopped nothing. lol I saw everyone posting about the Prime Day. I did purchase something but it was unrelated to Prime Day. I went to Nordstrom because I need a dress for a wedding but I didn't see anything that I loved. So I kept it moving. :(

  5. I didn't buy anything on Prime Day. I did buy a few things on Amazon after Prime Day. I sometimes like to go to our local mall to shop. I think it's fun to look for sales.

  6. I didn't buy on Prime Day because the few times a year I buy on Amazon doesn't justify the Prime fee.

  7. Love everything about amazon prime day

  8. i forgot about prime day! im so mad lol

  9. I didn't shop on Prime Day since I no longer have a prime account.

  10. i didn't get anything, was already broke. i wanted an air fryer though

  11. I didn't participate in this years prime day. Didn't need anything lol. Bit prime day is definitely lit!

  12. I hate I missed PrimeDay. I was in Mexico but dang it I am a big time Amazon Prime girl but maybe next year!

  13. I'm so surprised that I bought very little on Prime Day. I didn't find a lot that I wanted/needed this year.


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