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Stacie Tries It: Wildscape Frozen Meals

Welcome to Stacie Tries It, a new series where I'm going to highlight new foods and beauty products that I'm currently trying. Today, let's take a look at a new frozen meal that's not what you're used to.

As a busy mom, sometimes I need a quick and easy lunch idea. I love eating out but sometimes I need to cut back on spending and eat at home. That's when I usually go reach for a healthy frozen meal. They are quick and easy to fix. But sometimes frozen meals can be blah.

I was asked to try a new brand of frozen meals called Wildscape and you know I love trying new things out so I was game. Wildscape is taking frozen meals by storm by offering bright and bold flavors inspired by nature. There are six delicious varieties that include gluten-free as well as vegetarian options. $5.99

You guys, the flavors! Just read how tasty these frozen meals are.

*Peary portobellos with sweet potatoes black beans and mango, Tumerick barley and toasted coconut.

 *Chimichurri chicken with red potatoes, poblano chilies, bell peppers, barley, and AJ Amarillo purée

*Gochujang cauliflower with Brussel sprouts, chickpeas and quinoa, riced cauliflower, cashews, and pickled onions.

*Togarashi Beef with red cabbage, edamame and carrots, wheat berries, and black garlic miso.

*Seared steak with caramelized sweet potatoes, sorghum, red rice, sorghum, and pickled red onions.

*Cilantro lime chicken with chard corn salsa, red rice and black beans, rice cauliflower, and avocado mojo verde 

Whoa, the varieties were extremely unique, not anything that I've ever tried before. The textures and colors were crunchy and flavorful. My favorite was the Cilantro Lime chicken because that flavor combo always rocks.

One thing I will note is that these aren't in Minnesota stores so that is a bummer. However, Wildscape meals can be found at many retailers including Amazon Fresh. They're also a bit expensive for frozen meals at $5.99 each. But hey, you pay more for fresh ingredients right?

Would I buy it again? Yes, if that Cilantro Rice Chicken was in a store near me I would, but only on occasion because of the price.

Learn more about Wildscape Meals below:

Have you tried Wildscape frozen meals yet? What would you like Stacie to try next?


  1. Nope, I never tried Wildscape. I actually never heard of the brand before, but would like to try them out. They're probably not in-stores here, so I would have to order it from Amazon.

  2. I've never heard of Wildscape but those flavors DO look amazing. That's good that the meals kept their texture as they can often get mushy.

  3. Never tried them but,the Mexican inspired ones sound tasty.

  4. Very happy to see some plant based options in the Wildscape line.

  5. These flavor combinations are certainly unique and sound high-end!

  6. These sound really delicious! I want to try them out!

  7. Looks yummy! I would like to try these

  8. I wouldn't cook any of these meals but I would try them if they were available already prepared.


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