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10 Back to School Tips for Moms

Today I'm sharing back to school tips for moms that I learned over the years. Hopefully, it will help you and all moms be more prepared for school.

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Soon the school bell will be ringing and for some it already has. Every year it feels like it creeps up on me earlier and earlier. Thankfully, this will be the last year as my son, my baby, is a senior. Today I wanted to share a few back to school tips especially for all the moms out there to help us stay on track, whether it's your first school year or last.

Back to School Tips for Moms

1. Now is the time to look ahead into the year and see what the year looks like. Plan doctor appointments and vacations on teacher training days, spring breaks, etc.

2. Consider meal planning. Think of three recipes that you can cook and plan for leftovers.

3. Get your kids back on their bedtime schedule. You need at least a week to get your child use to going to bed and waking on time.

4. Make sure you've got all of your school shopping done. There's nothing worse then running around last minute trying to find a specific school supplies only to find that they are all out.

5. Have your kid lay out clothes the night before. That way he or she is more ready for the morning.

6. Be sure to sign up for school emails and text messages - this will keep you in the loop for important school announcements or school emergencies.

7. Fill out all paperwork ahead of time and be sure to have all health records on file.

8. Go through school handbook with your kid. That way, there's no confusion about what is expected at school. Take this time to also remind your kids about bus safety.

9. Check your kid's backpack every evening to make sure nothing is getting missed.

10. Attend school conferences and don't miss the meet the teacher night. Don't neglect to meet and connect with other parents too. They can be a resource and support for you and your child.

Here's to a great year and I hope these tips prepare you to have a successful school year!

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