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Healthy Treat for Mom

This post about delicious chocolate almond spread from Once Again is sponsored. Opinions are all my own. I'm a girl that loves sweets. Yummy snacks and desserts are my favorite thing to munch on. I probably eat more than I should so when I can find healthy treats I'm happy.

chocolate almond spread

Chocolate and nut butter is one of God's greatest flavor combinations. I often crave it. For breakfast, I like to use chocolate almond spread on toast in the morning.

But today I am trying a new to me organic chocolate almond spread called Once Again Organic Amore Almond Spread. It can be used on toast as a spread or topping for your fruit and ice cream.

About Once Again Organic Amore Almond Spread 

chocolate almond spread

Once Again is located in New York and has been making nut and seed butter since 1976. Once Again products are:

*Non-GMO verified, 

*Certified organic, and vegan. 

*Sustainability made and sourced 


I was expecting it to taste like a hazelnut spread but it's very different. It reminds me of the flavors you'd taste in a chocolate almond candy bar. It was very rich and sweet.

a yogurt breakfast parfait

Here I added chocolate granola to yogurt and poured a nice amount of the Once Again Organic Amore Almond Spread. But my favorite way to eat the chocolate nut spread was over ice cream. Yum!

Learn more about Once Again Nut Butter

Do you love chocolate nut butters like I do?

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