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Finding Relief Moving With Relief Moving Company

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Hey everyone! It's a new year and many of us are looking to make new moves. Literally. If you're considering moving, keep reading!

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Moving can be a hassle and one of the biggest household tasks there is. The time it takes to move out of your home and into another does cause a lot of stress in your life but it doesn’t have to. There are several ways to make packing up and moving out a very smooth transition into your new life. Here are a few tips and tricks below to help you with your big move.

  1. Start Early  - One of the biggest tips to find relief when it comes to organizing is to start doing as much as you can with the time you have. If you leave everything until the last minute you’ll forget half of your items and end up having items more broken than kept together. If you are needing to leave in a hurry, create a countdown list and schedule to help you accomplish everything gradually rather than all at one. By having a countdown checklist and a timeline, it helps break up your tasks on your to do list into more manageable chunks. Assign each task to a day on the calendar or the week if you prefer to be a bit more flexible. Not only is this going to ensure everything gets accomplished in a timely manner but you’ll feel more in control of the process which is when the chaos can occur. 

  1. Have A Strategy - Depending on how far you are traveling, figure out how you’re going to get from your location to your destination. For short movers, maybe you’ll need to grab a few good friends to help you move your items or consider renting a truck for the day. If you have a larger family and more people to move or even a long distance, you’ll want to price out potential moving companies to assist you. 

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Image: Relief Moving Company, LLC 

  1. Find A Reliable Transportation Company - When it comes to quality transportation this is something you do not want to skip out on. Boxes are one thing but when you get to the big heavy stuff, it’s really important to let your movers know what to expect. Communicating with your company and explaining the requirements and expectations prior to booking. Your movers have to be aware of all those minor details to order the estimate total movie time and cost plus having the proper equipment available to assist you. If you live in the Minnesota area, a trusted moving company called Relief Moving Company LLC has all of these incredible qualities and more. This Blaine MN Commercial Moving Company has friendly, trusted and knowledgeable folks to help you every step of the way. If your new home or apartment does not have an easy way to get in like no elevator, etc. don’t worry. They will help delicately bring in your items and even provide you with assembly and disassembly services if you need it. They are there to help save you time and by handling the heavy lifting for you so you have time for what is important; enjoying your new home and time with your family. 

  1. Take Time To Purge - Moving is a great time for you to get rid of the items that you no longer use or wear. This is the time to even earn extra money and hold a yard or garage sale to get rid of your items. If you want you can either donate gently worn clothing to Goodwill, put furniture up for sale on websites such as Facebook Market, recycling old catalog and get rid of old documents. 

  1. Find A Pet Sitter - If you have a pet that might need some extra assistance once you start putting boxes and items away, it would be in their best interest to find a pet sitter to help ease their anxiety. Hire a pet sitter to either watch them while you work or assist you when it is time to move. If you are moving far, you can hire or have someone help you watch your fur baby and either have them watch them or transport them with their own vehicle. 

  1. Color Code/ Take Inventory - This is a huge help when it comes to keeping all your belongings together. One way to do this in an orderly fashion is to color code boxes either by category or what room they are going to go too. Take inventory of everything that you have with a master list. 

Moving can be an exciting adventure but also stressful before it even begins. Although the transition is complicated at times, you can ease any worries by hiring a quality moving company to assist and entrust with boxing, packing and unpacking your belongings.

What are some tips and tricks you have to keep calm when it comes to moving?


  1. Moving is a big decision, and stress shouldn't be a part of it. Thanks for sharing this with us. Great post.

  2. These are all great tips. The last time I moved was in 2015 and the biggest thing was just allowing enough time and being prepared as we did it all ourselves.

  3. Moving can be stressful. I've done it and I do not want to do it again. These tips will definitely help someone moving.

  4. The last time I moved it was in 2015 from FL to NC. We did it all ourselves with a 3 and a half year old. The number one thing we did was purge! Great to know there are companies like this that can help make it a smooth transition.

  5. I said the next time I move I am using a moving company. It’s hard to move stuff with just people you know.

  6. Where was this post when I moved a few months ago? It was stressful because I was so disorganized. Lesson learned. I'll be heading your advice, hiring movers and preparing early for bigger moves.

  7. Great tips. I have had my fair share of moving companies nightmares. It's definitely stressful.

  8. I told my husband the next time we move we are hiring a moving company. Then we moved in 2018 amd did not use a moving company. NOW! Hene forth we are using a moving company or we simply are not moving.


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