Fish Oil for Kids

Did you know that kids lack omega-3s in their daily diet? It’s an important way to help kids' brain health. I have always given my kid fish oil vitamins to help with focus at school.

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About Kids Smart

a bottle of kids vitamins spilled on a white table in the shape of a heart

Kids smart omega three fish oil is:
  • Kids smart hi THA fish oil chewable first let’s first provide 10 times more fish oil then other supplements for kids
  • Free of gluten, yeast, wheat, and dairy which is great for kids with allergies
  • Chewable capsules come in three different berry flavors
  • 30 count bottle $9.99 and can be purchased on Amazon

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These fish oil burstlets can be either chewed or you can twist off the tail and squeeze the liquid directly in your mouth. Twisting it off also makes it easy to add to your kid's favorite food.

I’ll be honest I tasted one myself because I take I am a fan of fish oil as well now when I tried it I did notice a fishy aftertaste. But I will say that I hate fish so I can taste even the slightest hint of fish. But my son tried it and said it wasn’t bad.

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Have you ever given your child a fish oil supplement?

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