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How to Color Your Hair At Home

Since everyone is staying home a bit more lately, seems like everyone is looking for ways to color your hair at home. At home hair dye kits are flying off the shelves now that most salons are closed.

a black woman with natural curly hair

It's funny to see all the meme of women showing their quarantine roots. Me, well I don't mind a few gray hairs but I don't have a lot of gray hair to begin with. But many ladies just want to get rid of gray hair altogether and coloring your hair at home is the next best thing to having it dyed professionally.

an at home hair coloring kit on a table

It's really easy to do. Coloring my hair at home is something that I have done for years. Since I was a teen if you can believe it and honey that was a long time ago. I used to dye my hair once or twice a year.  Lighter hair colors like Honey Blonde and Red were my jam in the spring and summer months. Black or Blue Black hair colors were my favorites in the colder months. Nowadays I'm embracing my gray hairs but if you just can't take it anymore, I have a few tips to help you color your hair at home.

How to Color Your Hair At Home

an at home hair coloring kit on a table
Grab your supplies 

You will need:

hair dye
petroleum jelly to apply around your ears and hairline
plastic gloves
an applicator bottle
an old t-shirt and old towels that you don't mind getting dye on

a bottle of hair dye mix

If you buy an at home hair coloring kit like this one, or this one, you won't have to worry about needing separate supplies. 

Apply hair color according to directions

curly hair with red hair dye in it

Usually, you'll let the color sit for about twenty minutes and then rinse it out, condition your hair, and rinse again. Then style as desired.

Be sure to clean up spills immediately

Remember you are dealing with dye, if you don't clean up those oops squirts on the floor or bathroom sink it will permanently stain. 

Consider temporary hair color

If dyeing your hair isn't your thing, you may want to try temporary hair colors like hair color sprays, or hair rinses. Both wash out. 

a woman applying Magic Root to her gray hair

Another alternative for getting rid of gray hairs is to use something like Magic Root where you use a brush, or wand and even spray to cover individual gray hairs. You can read my review here.

Honestly, you don't have to suffer from gray roots if you really don't want to. Dyeing your hair at home is easy and anyone can do it.

Do you dye your own hair at home?


  1. I haven't colored my hair at home in years, and that's only because my best friend does hair. However, prior to that I was the queen of doing it at home!

  2. I am so bored with my covid hair and want to dye it. But I am so nervous Ill hate it. Thanks for sharing maybe Ill give it a go.


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