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Last Minute Christmas Shopping

O.K. we know that there are still thousands of people that haven't began their shopping yet. I must admit, I have a few errands I still need to run. Well here are a few tips that you can remember to keep sane as you finish your holiday shopping.

  1. Be organized. Have a list of who you still need to get gifts for.

  2. Stay on budget. Use cash, that way you won't go overboard.

  3. Have back up plans. Many of those wanted gifts will be gone. Think gift cards, and certificates. As a last resort, cash in a card always works too.

  4. Make sure you bring all your coupons with you. Many stores have deep discounts and you can use those store coupons on top of the sales to get good gifts for pennies on the dollar!

  5. Remember to find joy in the season. Malls and grocery stores will be chaotic. Smile, be nice, bring those candy canes I talked about in my previous post.

Happy Shopping!

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