Outfits I'm Looking Forward to Wearing Again

Raise your hand if your pajamas and loungewear have been on heavy rotation - waves hand. I have a closet full of cute spring outfits that I have been wanting to wear but I don't have anywhere to wear them to.

a woman wearing a floral blouse and pink jeans

If you are like me you don't want to waste detergent or water wash your good clothes. So instead I decided to share of few of my favorite outfits that I can't wait to wear again. Well, if it's not too hot outside by then.

Outfits I'm Looking Forward to Wearing Again

a woman wearing a floral blouse and pink jeans

This is one of my favorite spring blouses. It's so pretty and I'd often wear it to church or on a special occasion. I would have worn it on Mother's Day but it was way too cold outside so I skipped it. See how I styled this blouse here.

a woman wearing a coral top and blouse

This dolman butterfly shirt is so comfortable and the color is bright which I love. I could wear this with leggings around the house but it seems a bit dressy for cleaning and lounging around. See how I styled it here.

a woman wearing  a purple cap sleeve dress

Comfortable Dresses - I don't wear dresses a lot but I miss wearing them. Especially knit polo dresses. Dresses are so feminine and light and a girl always feels pretty when she's wearing address right? This purple dress with cap sleeves is a custom made dress from eShakti. The pockets are a nice addition too. See how I wore it here.

a woman wearing tan heeled sandals

Fancy heeled sandals. These strappy sandals are perfect with jeggings or dresses but there's no way I would wear these around the block or even in my back yard. Still, I can't wait to paint my toes and strap on pretty sandals this spring and summer. See how I wore them here.

a woman standing by a river holding a straw purse

Lastly, one of my favorite mom outfits is a kimono and jean skirt. Again, not really the outfit that I want to lounge around in but boy do I love this look!

What are you looking forward to wearing most when we get back to normal?

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