Simple alternative uses for your beauty products

Here are some great tips I found on other uses for your favorite body products. Just another way to save big money.

1. Did you know that Vaseline or any Petroleum Jelly camouflages light scratches in wood furniture? If you have kids like me, you'll love this tip!

2. When you've run out of shaving cream, use hair conditioner. It softens the hair and make blade slide over you legs leaving you with smooth skin.

3. Use you lip balm as a cuticle softener. These two products have many of the same ingredients.

4. To remove home hair color stains on your skin, sink or even carpet, sponge it with an alcohol-soaked cotton ball or rag. Just be sure to apply with a cotton ball soon after you see the stain. If you wait too long, the stain gets harder to remove. If you don't have alcohol handy and the stain is on fabric (not your face), try this tip backed by Good Housekeeping: Saturate it with hairspray, which contains alcohol and can help loosen the stain. Then soak and launder as soon as possible.

5. For a lighter coverage mix a little moisturizer with your foundation to make a tinted moisturizer.

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