My Favorite Lipstick Costs $1 Y'all

If you are looking for the best cheap lipstick I'm about to let you in a little secret of mine. Keep reading sis!

a fuscia lipstick tube

I have a confession. I've been wearing a $1 lipstick and I have been getting tons of compliments on it. It was my go-to lipstick even before the pandemic started. And you all would never guess what it is!
Would you believe I've been wearing lipstick from the Dollar Tree? Yep sis, the Dollar Tree.

I've told you all how Dollar Tree beauty can be a hit or miss sometimes. I have found some good Dollar tree beauty products for a dollar and definitely some that I would never buy again but this cheap lipstick has literally been in my purse for a couple years now.

a fuscia lipstick tube with flowers in the background

L.A. Colors lipsticks

So what have I been wearing? Well, I'll tell ya. Drumroll please.........L.A. Colors Lipstick Duo in Vibe. This is a bright fuchsia color that gives me all the feels. It goes on soft and smooth. I usually add the lipgloss on top of it but I really don't have to because it's pretty smooth already. It's not sheer and is pretty pigmented for a $1 lipstick. I also wear a red one from time to time.

My Favorite Lipstick Costs $1 Y'all pinterest pin

Now I will be honest with you. It's a dollar. The quality is decent but it does streak a bit. It's okay because the color is just too cute. I just apply a few swipes and I'm good.

Would you purchase $1 lipstick? Have you tried dollar store beauty products?


  1. I love Dollar Tree and this color is a good shade.

  2. I would purchase $1 lipsticks. I know they wouldn't hast forever but the color might just be what I need in the moment!

  3. Ok, let me find out I’ve been sleeping on Dollar Tree beauty. I love a bold lip and I love affordable makeup.

  4. I am always in dollar tree for decorative items but never tried their beauty items! This is a great find! Thank you for sharing!


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