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ALDI 101

Welcome to my brief introduction to ALDI. I have been shopping at ALDI for many years now and love it. For those of you that don't know ALDI is a great grocery store that has actually been around since 1976. It is new to many states including MN and many folks still have never been there or have heard about it but haven't taken time to go inside. If you have wondered about ALDI and how it can help your budget, than this post is just for you! Here are a few points for you and soon you'll learn just how easy ALDI shopping can be!

  • When you arrive to ALDI you see that the carts are outside the store. You ,must put a quarter in the cart to "borrow" it. Don't worry though, you'll get your quarter back. I know this may seem like a hassle to some, but you never have to worry about carts being left in parking spots or dinging your car.

  • Inside you'll notice a bright clean store with brands you may not recognize. That's because ALDI has it's own brand. Many of the items are actually manufactured by name brands that you would recognize if I told you. They are of high quality and you will love the taste.

  • The isles are made to flow from one to another so it makes shopping fast and easy. The store is also smaller than your big box grocery chain, but it carries all of your necessities.

Once your finished shopping, the lines may seem long but they move fast. Having your money ready at checkout cuts back on wait time too.

  • They don't accept coupons but always offer a low price, some even lower than regular grocery store sales with coupons! This is a great place to go when you need something but don't have time to clip coups or left them at home. (Ask me how I know!)

  • The only drawback to ALDI shopping is that you have to pay for bags. It's only 5 scents for a paper bag, but you can use you recycled grocery store bags. It's a super easy way to go green.

  • And a special note, ALDI now accepts debit/credit cards! This is great since be fore they would only take cash.

Well there you have it. I hope that cleared any questions you may have on the subject. I will be making weekly post about great deals you can get so stay tuned!


  1. Hey Coupon Sista, again, thanks for the tips. I was an extremely frustrated first-time shopper at Aldi's a year ago and I vowed never to go back. I pass by two different Aldi stores. With the rise of Trader Joe's stores, would you say that Aldi's is the urban/inner city/ghetto version of Trader Joe's? Whether you believe so or not, would you please also shed some light on shopping at Trader Joe's. I went to one in St. Louis Park and another in Woodbury.

  2. Hi Tiffanie! So glad you enjoy the tips. I work long and hard to put this together so I'm glad it's helping someone.
    I have shopped at Trader Joe's before a few times for special items, but not for my main grocery shopping. Your right, the set up is similar to Aldi. Trader Joe's is affordable, but still can't beat Aldi's prices though.
    I'm definitely going to write about the similarities and differences in the future. Thanks for your request!

  3. Hi Tiffanie,

    So here's the deal. They are own by the same company! That's why the look and feel is so similar.


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