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My quick trip to Blogher '09

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After almost 2 weeks, I would say that I am adjusted and well rested after attending the BlogHer '09 Conference in Chicago. It's about time I share my adventure with you all.

You guys, ( girls I should say), I had so much fun! The atmosphere was charged with energy and excitement as over 1,500 blog"hers" got together to learn, network, eat, and grab some pretty cool swag.

Deciding to go was very last minute for me and I had a lot of anxiety about traveling there by bus. (The ride would take 9 hours there and 10 hours back). But you know what, I had such a peace on the way down and back. Many prayers were prayed for me and honestly, their were no worries.

Because I had not registered in time, I could only attend the LobbyCon, which is short for Lobby Conference. We weren't able to attend the workshops nor the lunches/dinners, but we still had access to the Exhibit Hall and parties, which there was no shortage of.

In the Exhibit Hall I had the chance to connect with companies and take away new products to try. I will be reviewing them in the near future. The vendors were friendly and glad to a assist us.

One of my favorites places was the Microsoft Spa Room where attendees were able to come in and get pampered and treated to delicious horderves. I also won a Poken there too! (Tell you more about that later).

Food at the conference was in abundance and everywhere I turned there was something tasty and new to try. Turns out that I didn't need the lunches nor dinners. I ended up spending only $1.35 on a double cheeseburger at McDonald's and that was on the bus ride back. How's that for saving money!

Then there were the Swag Parties! Oh how I love Swag! I got so much stuff I literally could not carry it all. Backpacks, Baby Food, (do I need that?), T Shirts, food, food and more food! I even scored a certificate for Gap Jeans which I can't WAIT to use! I hear that others made off like bandits, getting free Crocs, video cameras, and so much more. With only 2 hours left for me, I decided to check my goodies into the luggage check. Only realize I was too pooped to do anything else. If I had checked my things in earlier, I would have nabbed a whole lot more. Oh well, I'll be much more wiser next time.

At around 6:00pm, the real festivities began. I'm not much of a party girl, I'm more of the traditional type. But I did work up enough nerve to go to the main cocktail party to listened to some hilarious Karaoke and watch the Sobe Lizard and Mrs. Potato Head dance. Because I had to go back home in the morning, I missed some of the other events like the Blogalicious party and numerous other Swags. I definitely missed out by leaving a day early.

Although I didn't get any of Garrets "Infamous" popcorn, I did spend time with my brother and his family which was a great way to top off such a sweet trip!

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