Glass In My Little Caesar Pizza? Seriously???

I've been meaning to share this with you all but have gotten so busy with my kids going back to school.  Two weeks ago, I purchased a little Caesar's Pizza for lunch for my family.  It's the usual thing we do on a weekend.  We ate the pizza as normal and it tasted fine until I got to the last piece which, thank God, was mine.

Watch this video to find out the rest!

Now, I have called customer service and asked for someone in corporate to call me back.  Since the Owner said "there no one else higher than me", I thought there must be someone else that I can deal with.  I plan on sharing this with my coupon group I belong to as well as all my friends and family and anyone else who will listen.  Just makes me upset!

Has anything like this ever happened to you?  What would you do in my situation?  I hate when things like this happen and companies think that they can just shut you up with more free pizza.  How about taking ownership of the situation!


  1. That stinks and thankfully it was your piece. Some business owners suck at making things right.

  2. Big sigh! What if that shard of glass had punctured your gum or something? Do they not understand that this could have been worse? I'm like you when it comes to contacting corporate and no, I wouldn't want a gift card or anything like that. I don't think I would patronize them anymore. I'm also one to Tweet and post on FB with the company's hashtag. I've gotten responses in that regard. I'm sure they have corporate products that don't include food that they could offer or even a monetary something. At the very least, a letter from the store manager and the company president expressing their regret and what they're doing to ensure it won't happen again along with their sincere hope that you'll visit again. And send you coupons for free pizza anyway.

  3. HMR- I'm really glad that it was my piece instead of my kids.

  4. Petula-

    I was a little concerned that maybe a small piece may have been digested, but I'm fine. I did tweet about it but nothing happened. Guess I need to be more persistent!

  5. Eeek! Thank goodness it was on your slice! Have you hit up their Facebook page? That seems to get the ball rolling quickly too.

  6. Storm- I'm definitely going to hit up the fb page. Thanks for that tip!


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