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I Got To Go to the Women Of Faith Conference!

I had been wanting to go to this year's Women of Faith conference at the Xcel Center for a while.  I attended last year thanks to a Booksneeze sponsorship.  This time however, I would be on my own.  I really couldn't afford to go, so I forgot about it.

Then last Thursday, which was a doozy of a day for me, my hubby asked me, "Do you know anything about a Women of Faith conference"?  Did I ever!  He had stumbled upon two free tickets.  But not just any tickets.  They were Executive Suite tickets!  Tears came to my eyes, because I knew with the day I was having, this was God's way of saying, "I love you Stacie".  Even though it would just be for one day, It was still a huge blessing to me.

We had to use our son's car because our car wouldn't start.  But hey, at least we went.  We arrived to see Ken Davis, a comedian that was sooo funny.  I really needed that laugh!  I think I'm going to read his latest book too.

Ken Davis crackin' us up!

The best part was getting to see Cece Winnans.  She rocked the house with her big, powerful voice. I didn't have an itinerary, so I had no idea who would be performing.  Glad it was her!

So sorry this pic is blurry!  Anybody have camera the want to give me?

A look inside our suite

I had an awesome time.  At one point of the night, I just allowed myself to enjoy the spirit of worship and just looked up to take it all in.  God was there, and I didn't want to miss it.

I'm thankful to my husband for being obedient to the voice of God saying, "Grab those tickets and bless your wife".  He made a deposit in the love bank that day.  Cha-ching!


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