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A Golden Evening at the U of M

A few weeks ago, my family had the pleasure of attending a special event at the University of Minnesota.  My son was invited to a "Golden Evening", an event for high achieving African American students.
You Go Boy!  We were honored to support our son!

The event was held at the U of M's new TCF Bank Stadium's Presidential suite.

Looking at his future...

 They even put his name on the scoreboard!  (Every Senior was honored this way).

The all important menu!  The food was sooo good!

Proud Mama!

Feeling very blessed!


  1. You should feel blessed!!!! Congratulations to you and your family.

  2. What an awesome moment! Congratulations to your very handsome son! (And where did he come from!!??? LOL... I'm kidding, I just didn't remember how handsome he is and he's such a young man now.) That was a wonderful event... As a parent to a college student I'm impressed and pleased at the start and welcome he's gotten. Nice.

    1. What do you mean? He looks just like his Mama ;). Yes girl, the "U" did an awesome job at making us feel that this was the right choice!


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