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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

4 Ways To Update Your Wardrobe For Spring

Spring has not yet quite arrived for us here in the Twin Cities, but there's still hope.  For most of you, Spring is in full bloom and so are the latest trends.  If you're like me, you may want to incorporate the season's styles without breaking your budget.  Below are tips to do just that!

1.  Add a splash of color with a bright accessory.  Yellow, Green, or Coral as seen here, say welcome Spring no matter what the weather is like outside.  Scarves are also a very affordable way to update wardrobe.

Forever 21 $13.80

2.  Purchase a floral top.  Floral is in for the season.  Though I'm not real big on this trend, you can find a cute top to make this look work.  I purchased a floral scarf for $6.95 from H&M.  I'll opt to wear it with a solid color instead.

3. Check your closet!  You may already have some trendy pieces that you can use.  Denim on Denim is hot right now. For example, Jean shirts or jackets paired with Jeans look fun.


4. Now you know I can't talk about updating your Spring look with sharing my favorite way to do so.  Polish, polish, polish!  It so easy too.  If you can only spare 5 bucks this season, spend it on a super cute nail lacquer.  Choose a color like Essie's "In the cab-ana" featured above.

Now it's your turn.  What's your favorite way to update your look?  How's the weather in your neck of the woods?


  1. Great tips Stacie. I'm not a trend girl either. I like things that you don't know which year it was in or out. I can really use some wardrobe enhancements for Spring.Thanks

    1. You're welcome Nicole. I like having classic pieces too. One trendy thing is enough for me.

  2. fantastic tips! Love that essie color. I'm doing my nails tomorrow so that is right one time. I can't do denim on denim BUT I love floral ALL the time :) pinned!

    1. I love Essie polishes. Thanks for the pin Nellie :)

  3. i like trends in moderation and i'm certainly not one to spend a ton of money on them either. i incorporate the season's hottest colors into my spring wardrobe with accessories just like you suggested. and because i wear nude tones on my toenails during fall - i go for a brighter color in spring. that blue is really pretty!

    1. I'm wearing this color on my nails right now and I really like it. Nothing says Spring like bright colors! Thanks for stopping by.


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