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Back To School Swag with Kmart & Da Rich Kidzz

Image credits Kmart

By now, Everyone has heard of the Da Rich Kidz.  You know the Hot Cheetos & Taki's song?  Well these talented youngster have taken the world by storm with their new My School Bus Is My Limo song and commercials for Kmart & Shop Your Way Rewards.

These kids are rockin' their Kmart swag!  Didn't know that Kmart offered such cool clothes for kids?  Let me let you in on a little secret.  I used to shop frequently for my daughter's clothes there.  I still find an item or two for my boys, and maybe a pair of shoes for myself. Yes girlfriend, I really do!

Here's a video of the live event at our local Kmart.  I missed it, but it looks like it was a lot of fun for these hometown artists.

The new line of boys clothing is so cute.  My son loved quite a few of their tees.  Here's a sampling of what you can find the Rich Kidzz wearing.

Now the best thing about Kmart is their Shop Your Way Rewards program. You get money back on all your purchases. And I mean real money!

Here's how it works.  For every dollar you spend, you get back 10 points and these points really ad up fast. I've been getting $3 discounts that can be used on any amount.  I recently purchase a pair of $5 shorts for my son and got them for 2 bucks!  Winning!  Over the summer I used these points to get lots of free stuff. Who doesn't like free?

As a Personal Shopper, I can help you put together looks like these for your kids as a courtesy.  All you have to do is sign up for a Shop Your Way rewards card.  Why not, it's free! Already have a rewards card? Just enter your card number on my page and I'll be able to help you further.

Oh, and one more thing, Shop Your Way rewards can be used at Sears, Land's End, and other stores too.

Disclosure: I'm a Shop Your Way rewards Personal Shopper as I stated before. I personally save money with this program and opinions are all mine.


  1. Girl, I didn't know they are a real group. Lol. My kids happened to be standing over my shoulders while I was checking out your post on my tablet. Very cool post.

    Oh and SOMEBODY needs to have better clothes for boys.

  2. I LOVE these kids... The FACT that they are rapping about school gives me HOPE! Not all our kids are out here with pants sagging and rapping about drugs, money & girls! Kudos to them & to Kmart for introducing them!


    1. They are a cute bunch aren't they! They've been on the scene for a while ever since they started rapping about their favorite snacks Hot Cheetos and Takis.

      Glad they're working with Kmart now.

  3. Replies
    1. I know! I love their looks. Plan to do some shopping soon!


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