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My Spring Cleaning Must Haves!

I bought everything except the Thymes spray.  

Ever since Helpmamremote mentioned that her house smelled like cinnamon after cleaning last fall, I've been on the hunt for fragrant products to spruce up my home.
 Last Christmas, I used Mrs. Meyers Orange Clove for my kitchen and Method Vanilla Mint for my bathroom.

Now that Spring is here, I've switched it up with unique, fresh scents.  Method Pink Grapefruit all purpose cleaner is what I'm currently using.  It's convenient because I can use this to freshen up my kitchen and take it right into the bathroom as well.  I love how Method products always smell great and don't have all the heavy fumes.

For dusting off wood furniture, I'm using Method Almond.  This is my first time trying it and I love the scent, though it's a bit mild.

While I was browsing at Target, I found Fabuloso with Baking Soda Citrus & Fruits and it smell just like fruit punch.  I grabbed it, went home, and couldn't wait to clean something!  I decided to clean the bathroom.  This stuff really fools you though. I swear it looks and smells like juice when I pouring in my tub.  Oh, but it's yummy!  My son said, "What smells so good"?  Only drawback is that it is pretty strong (fume wise).

My spring cleaning would not be complete if I didn't have a candle or air freshener.  Thymes makes the best long lasting candles.  Their scents are always one of a kind, and high quality.  Thymes Wildwood Woodland Violet & Mint is a home fragrance mist that I've used.  One thing about these sprays is that if something stinks, this will kill it. Period.  Plus, you don't have to use much at all.  A little goes a long way.

So those are some of the items I'm using.  What do you use to Spring clean your home?

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  1. It's so hard for me to narrow down what I use because there are so many products I like to use and so many I like. As long as it's effective I'm good. I have not tried any of the fruit scents or anything like for the actual cleaning products because I like that general clean smell. But since you mentioned it then I may give them a try. Mr. Clean and other multipurpose cleaners work well for me. And you're right about candles and smell goods. I have not tried a room mist where the scent lasts so I don't buy those any longer. I like to use candles (Glade is a good one...) and the plug-in and stick-on scents.


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