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The Platefull Blogger Retreat Part 2

Riding in style!  I have never rode in a limo so much in my entire life!  
Part Two... (read here for part one)

Now off to General Mills headquarters we headed.  We took a tour of the beautiful campus.  Man it would be nice to work here! Our first stop was the Betty Crocker kitchens, where it all begins.

Then we were lead into a conference room that honored all the Betty Crocker's from decades past.  Then we snacked on a few of the Pillsbury Cook off winning recipes and listened to Bella and share blogging tips on how they became so successful which was very inspiring.  "Work smarter, not harder", is what I remember most.

Next stop, photo studios. That's where we learned how to take professional food pictures and a few tips and tricks.  Though I don't do a lot of food posts, they info was still very helpful.

At the end of the presentation, we feasted on new products that were soon to be released from General Mills.  Yummy!

Then came the surprise twist.  With only one item to choose, we had to make an original dish with limited ingredients.   Oh boy, it's getting real now!  Luckily, I was paired with some pros, because if it were up to me, we would lose!

Our "Chopped Challenge" would take place the following day.  Better get some rest.  But not before we stopped for an evening at The Bachelor Farmer for more delicious food and gifts.

Very different from what I am used to, but soo good!

Next day...

Each morning, I was greeted with breakfast in bed.  A girl could seriously get used to this.  Man, when I get home, I'm not going to know how to act!

We arrived at the Crocus Hills focused and ready to go.  Our group had decided to make "The Best Grilled Cheese Ever" with prosciutto, Gruyere cheese, fresh basil, with a parmesan-cinnamon puffs (our surprise ingredient) crust.  Even though we didn't win, it turned out tasty!

Thanks to General Mills and the Platefull Coop Team for putting on such an awesome event.  I'll never forget it!


  1. Hi Stacie, It was so great to meet you at the retreat. I had a lovely time and am grateful for my Platefull Blogger trip! My only regret not staying a day or two longer to see more of the city or surrounding area. Love the tour of General Mills, all the fun and our cooking in that beautiful kitchen at Crocus Hills they were all so nice there.The Keep in touch and stop by anytime! My blog door is always open ;) Theresa @DearCreatives

  2. Theresa! It was so good to meet you too! I feel like we had a lot in common. I'll be sure to stay in touch deary : )


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