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7 Ways to Chill-Out This Summer

Believe it or not, Summer can be stressful for some folks.  It's hot and muggy out and tempers can flare easily.  Not only that, but our kids are all home and we moms are often running around trying to keep them entertained.

Here are a few ways that I have been keeping calm in the midst of it all.

1. Go for a walk.  This is my favorite way to relax.  There's just something about being outside enjoying nature.  Feels like I'm one with God.

2. Hang out at the park, lake or beach.  Let the kids burn off some of that energy while you read favorite book.  Of course, don't read while they're in the water.

3. Do yoga at the park.  A lot of parks or lakes offer Yoga classes right on the grass.  Some are even free.

4. Eat outside.  Take your dinner plate outdoors and sit and enjoy the breeze, or warm sun.  Don't rush in after eating.  Put your feel up and chillax.

5. Go on a stay-cation.  Take the family to a local water or amusement park and stay all day.  Or head to a cabin and turn all the electronic devices off.  Enjoy one another.

6. Pace yourself and don't over do it.  Be more spontaneous if possible.  Don't worry about planning the perfect Summer for your kids.  Be willing to change things up a bit.

7. Just be.


  1. My sons are older so mommy gets to hang poolside solo on the weekends!

  2. Your ideas are easy enough to follow through on for any of us and yet creative enough for us to say, "Oh, yeah! I had forgotten about eating dinner in the park! What a great idea and a nice way to break through the blahs!" :-)

    I'm glad I was late to the SITS Sharefest because I'm getting to a lot of blogs who are later on the linky. This is fun! Glad to have found you today!

    1. I'm glad you found me too Julie! I had forgotten about eating outside until I tried it with the family. It was fun to just be outdoors, enjoying the breeze.

  3. I really needed this post. (thanks SITS!) Been so stressed out lately, definitely going to put a couple of these into action. Thanks for the help!


    1. You are so welcome. I'm glad I was able to help you out!


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