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Frugal Family Days: Lake Harriet

Living in the land of 10,000 lakes sure has it's benefits!  I can literally drive no more than ten minutes and end up at a lake.  During our last Frugal Family Adventure, we decided to head to Lake Harriet for a nice evening of walking and music at the pavilion.

They have all sorts of concerts at the lake.  We like to see Jazz, Gospel, or Latin groups most.  This one was more traditional.

My grandbaby having a good time.

Aw, this scene was too perfect to not take a picture!

We stopped for a bite to eat at Bread & Pickle. They have the most affordable waffle cones in town!  I like their Truffle popcorn too.  Both were $3.50 each.

A trip to Lake Harriet would be incomplete if you didn't stop by the rose garden. 

Check my photog skills!

We had a great time without having to spend much money at all!

Do you have a favorite park or lake that you like to visit during the Summer?


  1. I don't have a favorite, but I recently received a press release regarding best US lakes and I plan to do a post on it. And hopefully visit one to add that personal experience. Your photos are absolutely gorgeous - you're right, you had to capture that one. Was that big sis & lil bro? Oh, and that Pavilion is fabulous. I am not familiar with any lakes that have one that grand.

    1. The president was speaking at that pavilion just the other day! Oh, I hope you get to get out and enjoy a lake in your town. Lakes are a pretty big deal here.

  2. The only lake near me in Georgia is Lake Lanier and I haven't even visited there yet, only drove past it. I don't really have a favorite park either. Whenever I find out about a free event going on close to me the girls and I usually go.

  3. This looks like such a fun time. And now I want ice cream. But the lake looks like great family fun!

  4. I will love to live near as many lakes as peaceful. Need to plan a trip to MN soon.

  5. Looks like fun! We only have Lake Lanier near us and sadly I have never been! We do have a favorite park here near our house that we visit all the time.

  6. I live in NYC, so Central Park or Prospect park it is. I love free summer concerts in the 5 boroughs. I want some icecream now. lol

  7. Your grand baby is too cute! We love hanging out by the water and have been getting in our family beach days!

  8. I don't have a favorite lake, but there is a park here that has outdoor concerts. Your trip to Lake Harriet sounds nice. I looks so peaceful, especially the rose garden. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Looks like a beautiful place! I don't have a favorite park around the DC area, but I'm pretty much at home on any beach :-)

  10. I do not have a favorite one yet, we are still exploring Cleveland piece by piece, we loved the zoo! We took the kids and that was a blast! #brownbloglove

  11. Looks like a great time with your fam. We are so fortunate in Chicago to have so many parks and places along the lake to enjoy during the warm months. I have been playing tourist lately and have been falling in love with our Museum Campus as I go out on my bike rides.


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