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When Someone in your Tribe is Sick...

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Along this blogging journey, I have met a few good friends.  People like 1stopmom, helpmamaremote, and petulawrites have been there for me and helped me grow on my journey.  But recently, one of my tribe members has been battling cancer.

Petula of Petula Writes is Mom blogger who shares about her family adventures and parenting tips.  She's a sweet, southern gal who lives in Georgia, but is originally from the east coast.  

We met back in the entrecard days, if anyone remembers that site.  1stopmom told my about it years ago and I joined as a way to increase blog exposure. I met Petula in the process and we've supported each other's blog ever since.

Somehow, she has found the time to still support what I do.  She stills leaves meaningful comments on my blog, and likes my Instagram pics.   Plus, she finds time to answer my questions on Facebook, she being a professional writer and all.  

And as a blogger, you know that's huge!  

Sometimes I wonder if she is okay. Will she be okay? I'm sure she will. That's just the worrywart in me.  I wish she didn't live hundreds of miles away.

So what is a friend to do?

*Continue showing support to your tribe member.  Don't bail out because it's awkward or you don't know what to say.  Leave comments like you normally would.  In fact, kick it up a notch.  Your friend could be doing so many others things than writing, like resting or being with family.  I know Petula does both, but I still know that it probably takes a lot to put together a blog post.  SO when she does, I'll support her.

*Send a virtual meal.  I can't bring her a hot dish, but I can send a gift card to a fast food joint or restaurant so she doesn't have to cook for her four little ones.

*Lastly, but most importantly, pray!  If you like sending positive thoughts, that's fine, but this sister believes in the power of prayer!  And I am beliving God for a speedy recovery from all of this for Petula.

Petula, I know you are reading this.  Keep up the fight sis.  Keep smiling and lovin on your kids and grand baby.  I'll continue to look forward to your posts, and keep your name lifted before God.



  1. Oh, Stacie, this is beautiful. Thank you! What fabulous tips for concerned family and friends to do for their sick tribe member. (Love that: tribe!). Yes, I have been having the darnedest time keeping up with blog posts, but it's okay because I'm determined not to add that to my list of worries.

    Thank you for always been here. (I'd totally forgotten we met in the Entrecard days. I was just trying to remember how long it's been when I was talking to Amber the other day.

    You're such a beautiful and thoughtful friend. I really appreciate you and I'm so glad we met. :-)

    1. That's right girl, we're in a tribe! Isn't it funny that we met through entrecard? *giggles* I'm so glad we did.

      You take care of yourself sis! :)


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