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Summer 2014: A Look Back

Summer vacation is finally coming to an end for us.  We have had lots of fun with family, but it seems like the playful season was just way too short!  Oh well. Here's a quick look back at some of our family adventures.

We spent at lot of time at our local lakes this year.  The beautiful weather and calming water were like a weekly sanctuary for us.

This year, we actually went to the Aquatennial festivities at Lake Calhoun, and it was pretty cool.  I think we'll make it an annual tradition.

Local parks were another place that we hung out at.  It was so cute to see my Gbaby playing, swinging, and swimming for the first time.

Grandbaby did not want anything to do with the cold water!

One of our outing was at the
Bakken Museum where the boys had fun playing mind games with each other.

Silliness at the Mall Of America's amusement park, Nickelodeon Universe.

How was your Summer?


  1. Hi Stacie, My summer was way too short! We spent the first part in NYC having adventures (which I'm sharing on the blog), visiting and taking care of the my daughter's new little one.Then spent a few weeks in Northern CA. then Sammie went camping with her brother but, I didn't go. Spent a couple of hot weeks here at home and now school just started back today. I'm hoping for a bunch of small fall weekend day trips to local places like the beach, botanical gardens (that we missed) & of course the pumpkin patch (fall fun!) Looks like yours was filled with fun! Theresa @DearCreatives

    1. This was one of the best Summers (weather wise) that I can remember! And yes, we did have fun but it went way to fast.


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