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Thymes Warehouse Sale Haul

This years Thymes Warehouse Sale was a success.  Believe it or not, I was in and out.  No long lines to deal with this year.  The location was much more easy to get to and the deals did not disappoint.  I was able to save on a lot of bath and a body products, as well as candles and sprays.

Brandied Pumkin & Chestnut candle $3 ($12.50)
Frasier Fir candle $3 ($12.50) Spray $3 ($18)
Moonflower lotion samples $1
Lotion samples $1
Moonflower bubble bath $6 ($19-$33)
Milk & Honey lotion $6 " "
Milk &Honey shower gel $6 " "
Gingerbread spray $3 ($18)
Olive Soap $2 ($13)

The only thing missing was the $2 travel size lotions and shower gels.  Other than that, your girl is pleased. Plus, it smells good over hear y'all!

What's awesome about this sale is that you can find these products in retail stores and online for way more. I got over $150 worth of products and spent under $50. (I tried to stay in budget, really I did!) And the Gingerbread spray is brand new line for the holidays.  Talk about a steal!

Did you make it to the Thymes Warehouse sale?  What did you buy?


  1. Never heard of them. Lol. You bought some great products and scored fabulous deals... Not surprising though 'cause you are a savings queen.

    1. You know me well, don't ya?! I think you'd really like Thymes. It's high quality stuff!

  2. Great haul, you are now ready for a wonderful relaxing home spa!

  3. I have never heard of this store before. But you got everything for a steal, you go girl!!!!! #ProductReviewParty

    1. Thank you! Thymes is really big here because it's a locally made product. Women spend all their cash at this sale lol.

  4. I didn't make it - I don't know who they are but clearly you went IN and got a bunch of stuff. :-)

    1. I did! It was well worth it. Everything smells so good and lasts so long.


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