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All Black Errthing: #EverydayMomStyle

Outfit posts are one of my favorite things to do.  It's fun to get dressed up and pretend that I'm a model like I did when I was a young. 

So when BLMgirls announced that the challenge would be wearing all black I thought, Hey, I can do this one!  Want to know why?  What does every plus size girl have hanging in her closet?


Yep I said it!

I have a ton of it.  Short sleeve, long sleeve...

Okay, I'm joking.

Black is such a classic color.  It can turn a pair of jeans into a classy outfit, and it's perfect paired with a bold, or bright top which is my favorite way to wear it.

With camera in tow, I headed outside on a warm, gorgeous, sunny day and struck a few poses.

Shirt Marshall's?/Leggings H&M/ Shoes Target

Next time I'll remember to get out of the sunlight!~

Do you like to wear all black?


  1. I love your look. There was a time I only wore black. I've branched out a lot... My favorite color to wear now is red!

    1. Thank you! I love pairing black with my fuscias, pinks, and reds.

  2. Yes! I'm trying to not automatically reach for the black version of things anymore. Black just looks good though! I love your outfit and that red lipstick is poppin'!

  3. Look at you! I love the look and you are certainly working it! I do love to wear all black. It's a color you can't go wrong with in my opinion :)

  4. I used to pretty much dress in head to toe black everyday for the office. Lately I'm making myself wear more colour. Found you blog through 40+ Fashion Bloggers. I'm hosting a link up this week. Stop by of you get the chance :)

  5. Love your outfit... You can pass me the shoessss... I also noticed that I gravitate to BLACK without even realizing it! Lol


  6. If I wear all black then I love to pair it with bold/bright accessories. I love this outfit because you can easily take it from casual to funky to dressy with just a few minor tweaks and accessories :) Go on and strike that pose! :)

  7. I'm such a girl of color, I hardly have enough black in my closet. As a skinny girl, colors are best on me.

  8. Girlllll black used to be my favorite color! Now it's green, but black is still a close 2nd and I love to wear it all the time. You can't go wrong with all black errrthing!! LOL And that's for sure!!


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