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Color Switch Up: L'Oreal Feria Power Violet Hair Color

Have you ever seen an at home hair color that blew you away? Girl, let me tell you...

As I was reading Essence magazine, it happened. I turned to the page and BAM! The most beautiful hair color I have seen in a long time jumped right out at me! 

Ooooh! I was in a hair color trance.

At that moment, I knew I was once again going to dye my hair and not just any color. That color. The love-at-first-sight color.

I bought it and colored my hair on the next wash day.

Here are my Loreal Feria Power Violet hair color results. Does it look like the magazine picture? No. Does the color look as vibrant as the box? No. Do I like it? Yes. Yes I do.

See, in all my years of coloring my hair at home, I have learned that at home results will vary. But, I am pleased. Plus, it looks great in the sun!

Have you ever dyed your hair at home? Were you pleased with your results?


  1. I have colored my hair at home with varying results. I have used Feria products and loved them. It is hard to know what the results will be for many reasons; color of your hair, processing time and how resistant your hair can be to the dye. Growing frustrated with results I've gone back to getting my hair done at the salon. I think it looks pretty on you. If you want exact results as the image you'd probably need to see a cosmetologist, that's when I take the photo to them and ask can you do this? And they work their crazy magic. ;) But, like you there are plenty of times I don't have the time or want to spend the $ and then pick up a box to color my hair at home.
    Thanks for the review.

    1. Thank you Theresa! I knew it wouldn't look exactly like the box. I would have have to bleach my hair to get it that vibrant and I knew I wouldn't be doing that any time soon. Still it's nice to switch it up evry now and then.

  2. It looks good. I have never dyed my hair before because I'm afraid I'll hate it and that it would damage my hair. I'll work up the courage some day.

    1. I bet a purple-ish color or burgundy would look great on you skin tone!

    2. I was thinking about doing burgundy if I ever color my hair.

  3. It's too difficult for me to color my blonde hair at home, but I LOVE that shade on you. I think I noticed it in another recent post!

  4. I dye my hair about every three months or so. I do like that shade on you. It is really pretty!


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