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I'm Drinking Crazy Cups Decaf Coffee for National Coffee Day!

It's National Coffee Day! Seriously? I thought everyday was coffee day. Well, we might as well celebrate, right?

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Coffee is my favorite, but I have to drink decaf coffee because I don't handle the jolt of caffeine well. I'm always looking for a good decaf flavored coffee. Especially in a Keurig K-Cup. Usually brands only carry Hazelnut Decaf Coffee, and that gets old. Quick.

After looking on Amazonseriously you can find everything there, I found the perfect variety of
flavored decaf coffee by a company called Crazy Cups and purchased the decaf variety pack.

It came with:

Italian Chocolate Cheesecake
Bananas Foster Flambe
Pumpkin Vanilla Creme
Frosted Oatmeal Cookie
Chocolate Coconut Cream
Death by Chocolate

Real Talk

Oh my gosh, these are sooo good! Frosted Oatmeal Cookie was my favorite one!
Bananas Foster Flambe tasted just like a caramel-banana concoction. Every flavor tasted like I expected it to. Awesomely delicious! I will definitely keep this in stock!

What are you drinking for National Coffee Day?


  1. I had two cups of FREE coffee but from an ecommerce meeting. I missed stopping at WAWA for a cup of caffeine.

  2. Oh I love flavored coffees so I will definitely check this brand out!

  3. Thank you for sharing will definitely check this brand out.

  4. I do not drink coffee anymore because it gave me bad headaches and shakes, so on National Coffee Day I was drinking my tea. #ProductReviewParty

  5. I love coffee! Working on my 2nd cup right now...LOL. These look delish and since I love shopping on Amazon I'll have to check them out. #ProductReviewParty

  6. I love having a wide variety of coffee's to try out in the morning. It makes my day! #productreviewparty


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