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My Reason for Wanting to Live A Healthier Life

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of American Heart Association for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

Ladies, today I'm going to share something I've been struggling with. My weight. It seems like since I turned forty, my clothing are getting tighter and tighter.

Food tastes so much better in your forties, trust me. The problem is, it wants to hang around and be friends. Add hours of sitting, researching, brainstorming, writing blog get the picture.

I have come to embrace my plus size status and wear it like a a badge of honor. And dang it, I think I'm pretty cute. But I don't want my self acceptance to blind me to the fact that I could be more healthy. 

It's time for a change.

I was recently presented with the question "Why do you want to live a healthier life?"

It's simple. I want to live a healthier life for my family, my kids, my grandchildren. I want to make sure that I am around to see my children get married, and my grandbaby have her own family. Not only do I want to live a long prosperous life, but I want it to be a good quality one. I want to be there when my kids have kids of their own. Birthday parties, graduations. Those moment are what is precious most precious to me. I don't want to say that I could have done better if I had had made healthier choices.

As a mom, I realize that I have the power to make a change for myself and my family. That's why I am joining the movement toward a healthier, happier and longer life by making healthy living a priority of mine so that my family follows suit.

So your girl has got work to do. Now, you will never see me trying to be a certain size or a goal weight. Not me. I just want to be healthy and look and feel my best.

Below, you'll find a few easy tips that will help you keep your heart and brain healthy.

Five Easy Tips to Living a Healthy Life

1. Be sure you eat more fruits and veggies.

2. Try your best to eat less salt.

3. Try not to drink as much sugary beverages. Drink water instead.

4. Be more active. Get up and move something. I love doing a Zumba workouts at home. If you hate exercising, go for a long walk instead.

5. Be sure to get regular blood pressure checks and control high blood pressure.

Remember, the American Heart Association is a great place to get resources for living a healthier life. They have tips, tricks, and advice, as well as recipes to help get you started. Visit the American Heart Association's Life Is Why website and be sure to follow the Moms Unite Facebook Group. It's a great place to join in with other moms and share tips on living healthier lifestyle. Don't forget to pin on Pinterest too!

Everyone has a reason for wanting to live a healthier life? What's your reason? Please feel free to share!

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  1. I am just like you. .except I noticed the change when I hit 50 and Thank God they still make clothes that fit me. On a serious note. . I want to continue to enjoy traveling, dancing after midnight & see my Grandchildren become parents. Thanks!!

  2. I feel ya! I already do little to no salt, drink water. It's adding in the exercise! & when it's hot less drinks with sugar in the afternoon pick me ups. Good tips!

  3. I've always been big, but got to the point where l wasn't healthy. I have now been taking steps to rectify that. I walk every morning because l hate the gym, eat more veggies and fruit which are so delicious here, cut out soda and drink water instead. I am still big, but way healthier. I have lost about 25 pounds since we left the U.S without really trying, so l'm hoping it sticks :-). You have very valid reasons, good luck :-) .

  4. I want to live a healthier life for the same reasons as you. Also for vanity reasons (I'll admit it), I like looking long and lean. I have a lot of work to do on my body as well. I really started noticing a change in my metabolism when I turned 30 - it's so much harder to lose weight and so much easier to gain it. Great tips! As far as fruits and veggies go, I've gotten better about incorporating veggies into every meal - even breakfast. Egg/egg white scrambles with veggies is a good idea, or roasted asparagus with boiled eggs and a slice of grainy toast is another one of my breakfast faves. Good luck on reaching your weight loss goals!

  5. Im getting closer to 40 and my food is sticking to me more than ever. Most of my clothes don't fit and simple things tire me out. I've been ding Zumba three times a week at the gym.

  6. As I am approaching 30, I am definitely having an issue with my clothes getting much tighter than I would like for them to be! I am definitely implementing a lot more water into my life and I am trying to shy away from a lot of salt and sugar!

  7. I've been slacking on healthy eating and fitness. Heart disease runs in my family so yes I need to get it together. We can do it sis! Cheering you on.

  8. Great post! Rooting for you in your journey! I have been trying to step it up as well!

  9. I am struggling with my weight too. Just got my trainer back and getting on the healthy diet. Gotta get on it!

  10. My husband and I started being healthier about 6 months ago. We've always been athletic and never had to think of healthy eating much. Now that we're aging and we're not nearly as's a must.

    Jay |

  11. Super great advice. I just turned 30 and I swear my taste palette opened up too. I am drinking more detox water and I am only drinking detox water for a week and continue to cleanse my system.

  12. As I approach the big 4-0, Im becoming even more conscious on what I eat and moving my body. I'm trying to drink more water and just eat healthy! I was getting out of control for the last few years


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