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Everyday Mom Style: Black & White Thrifted Ankle Pants

Thrifting is something that I am not known for. I find that it's just too difficult to find something that I really like. That is until I went to the Salvation Army's basement in downtown Minneapolis. I had been hearing so much about this place and how it offers new Target clothing, accessories and much more.

I managed to get these black and white ankle pants for just $5. They were originally $10 but there was a 50% off "orange tag" sale. I'm not going to pay $10 for thrifted Target pants, but 5 bucks is right up my alley.

Strappy Flats - Amazon.

Purse - Gordman's. This one is just as cute.

Do you shop at Thrift stores?


  1. I agree...thrifting can sometimes feel like a chore. Finds like these pants make it so worth it :-)

  2. The pants fit you perfectly. I am not a thrift store shopper and tried it many times. I love the clearance racks at the dept stores but a pair of $5.00 pants will always call my name. Enjoy.

    1. Girl, I feel you! The clearance racks are my fave.

  3. Cute!!! I love your whole look and your shoes are so cute 😍

  4. Ok o my wow. Every time I see an outfit on you I go ok that's my fav on her. BUT NO you just had to really do it again.... THIS IS for real my fav. I love black N white outfits this looks awesome on you!
    I do shop thrift stores. They are the bomb and such a great way to save. I have saved hundreds over the years shopping there!

  5. I do thrift as well as consingment from time to time, however I never find an outfit worth of stuff at a time and I agree though there are some awesome bargains, it can be a chore! Great score though, all cute pieces!

  6. Super cute girl! I try to go thrift shopping for clothes, but can never find anything I like. I heard that I should go to thrift stores near rich areas. #ProductReviewParty

  7. What a pretty outfit! Every time I look at your pictures I want to run out and go clothes shopping. I am a huge fan of thrift shopping. Awesome find!


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